We slept in a barn and did boy stuff

boy stuffThis time last week, we did boy stuff.  I’m not even sure what that means.  I don’t have to.  My boys had it covered.

As we were driving to our family reunion at camp no-fi, my kids were really struggling to understand what we were doing.

I can’t blame them. Since I couldn’t explain the whole intricacies of relocation, job hunting, and complex family structures, my kids were missing the entire backstory.

No matter how carefully I said it, they refused to understand that people were flying and driving to a meet at a place that none of us lived in, and that we would be staying in a rented cabin that felt like a house, but that none of us owned.

In desperation, I went for the overly simple.

We’re sleeping in a barn. In the country. That’s all I know.

Somehow, that worked for them. They could grasp that. Even better, it was something they liked.

(don’t you love it when your kids keep asking you the same question because they didn’t like the answer the first time? Grrrr)

Watty: A barn! Cool. Boys stay in barns.
GoGo: We’re gonna do boy stuff.
Watty: We’re gonna sleep in a boy place and do boy stuff all day.

And we did.

do boy stuffThey did boy stuff.

They caught frogs by the creek. They threw rocks. They rolled in mud, by accident. They wore the same underwear more than one day in a row, probably on purpose. They stunk like wet dogs and would sit on the porch and pant from exhaustion before running off to play again.

They had pillow fights. They told outrageous lies to each other. They turned burping into a competitive art form. They spit for distance.

For three glorious days they whooped and hollered and stomped without once being shushed.

They were boys. They slept in a barn. They did boy things.

And it was good.

When smart phones aren’t smart

when smart phones are not smartWhen smart phones aren’t smart, they’re kind of silly.  After spending an entire weekend at “Camp No-Fi”  with a “dumb phone” I’ve got a few thoughts on the subject.

You do remember how I feel about my phone, right?  I spent an entire week devoted to it.  I’m a better parent because of my phone.

Smart phone = happy mom.

“Dumb phone” = Flashlight. [Read more…]

S is for Spring…

s is for spring

S is for spring and snake and song.

This post features S’s.  It may not be long.

I’m wrapping the week up,  as you can see.

So come spot some S words, join in with me.

I’ve filled a post with S words galore.

I picked only the best, there were still more.

Sugar and Spice and Susan and Snark

Didn’t get used, that would not have been… smart.


[Read more…]

In the Pink

in the pinkAfter a week of having a sick kid (and a weekend of not feeling so well myself), I’m happy to say we’re finally all in the pink.

You might even say I’m tickled pink about it.

Just in time for spring break, we’re all healthy.

(I promise we’ll use sunblock during spring break. I don’t want anyone to get sunburned or end up with a pink nose or anything.)

Because I’m me, I had to take a trip through Google-land to look up the origins of the phrase “in the pink.”

Because I know you care, I decided to share it with you. [Read more…]

I’d like to introduce Amy (Acrylic Mystery Yarn).

introducing amy

I’d like to introduce you to Amy.

Amy = Acrylic Mystery Yarn

Many years ago, my grandmother discovered plastic canvas needlepoint.

Well, perhaps discovered is too strong of a word.

When I was a child, my grandmother was a devoted seamstress.  She created amazing outfits for her grandchildren.  She quilted.  She did needlework.  She even made my prom dress.

As I grew older, so did she.   [Read more…]

Is this normal?

is this normalMy husband and I laugh – a lot.  I have to wonder if this is normal married behavior.

(if it’s not, then i don’t want to be normal.  i like it this way.)

A few weeks back, hubby sent me a text asking me to do something for him at the house.  Way back in the early days of our married life, he would actually call and talk to me with this kind of stuff.  Now, he just texts me.

(unless i don’t answer the text. then he calls me to ask why i didn’t see his text message.  don’t you love that?  he also sends me a text to tell me to answer the phone if i miss his call.  love that man.) [Read more…]

On a foggy day, not long ago

on a foggy dayOn a foggy day, it’s hard to see things clearly.  Instead of looking THROUGH the fog into the distance, I end up looking AT the fog.

Fog makes me lose track of time and direction too.

We’ve been having foggy mornings lately.  Thankfully, that isn’t common here in Houston.

Since it’s unusual, my kids are always entertaining when they wake up to fog. [Read more…]

So what do you do all day?

what do you do all day?At some point, I think every stay at home mom hears the question “so what do you do all day.”

Last night I had dinner with a good friend and her daughter.  The daughter is 21 and works as a nanny during the day and then goes to college in the evenings.

I knew where she was coming from.  She takes care of one little girl – a nine month old who crawls, but isn’t pulling up yet.  She doesn’t have to cook or clean, she just watches the baby.

And she’s bored.

Bored, isolated, lonely, and bored. [Read more…]

How to load your dishwasher for engineers

dishwasherIf you might recall, my husband has engineering disease.  He also has a very special way that the dishwasher gets loaded.

In some ways, this is the logical progression of the whole red hooker shoe incident.

It all started when my husband sat down and read the manual that came with our new dishwasher.  At that point, the dishwasher had been installed and running for over a month.  It was getting the dishes clean most of the time.  It was performing it’s dishwashing duties in a way I found totally satisfactory. [Read more…]

Desperately Seeking Solitude

solitude with thishappymom.comYes, I’m writing again about solitude.

It’s part of an on again off again series.  I would write about it more often, but lately… there hasn’t been time for solitude.  I’ve had remodelers or kids in my house every single day since early December.

It all started with a Five Minute Friday post on QUIET.

Then we went on our camping trip last Thanksgiving.   I was thankful for the solitude.

It wasn’t until we were HOME from the camping trip that I realized I had stuff to say on the subject and wrote solitude part 3.  

Then on December 13th, I wrote about how I wanted some camping solitude.   The painters had already been there for two weeks at that point.  The painters are STILL HERE.

And I’m once again seeking solitude. [Read more…]

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