How fourth grade changed my world (twice)

Growing up, I hated fourth grade.  Most of what I remember about the whole year was having to write lines.  It wasn’t just me. She’d assign the entire class lines when she lost her temper at us.  (If you’re picturing Dolores Umbridge… this lady was younger and skinnier, but she probably DID have the creepy collection of kitten plates.)  

The other thing I remember is the geography lesson.

My mom and I still talk about it. It was one of those assignments where I had a list of vocabulary words and I was supposed to write the definition for each word. My mom wouldn’t let me use the glossary in the back of the text book and made me read the chapter and then write my own definition of the word.  I got a ZERO on the assignment because the teacher just wanted us to copy what was in the glossary.

Fourth grade changed me.

That’s the year I realized my mom was weird and that school was stupid. It’s when I started figuring out how to “play school” – doing just enough to keep my grades up without actually engaging my brain.  (Playing school was NOT good preparation for college. Just… trust me.)

Fast forward a life time… 

My son’s fourth grade year is almost over.  He hasn’t been assigned lines, but we’ve had a geography lesson of our own.  (um… no, none of his teachers are remotely like Dolores. there isn’t a cat lover in the group. honest.)

For us, fourth grade has changed our family forever.

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Resources for Spring Break

Good morning friends! Today I’m in a mad scramble trying to get ready for Spring Break.  It kind of caught me off guard.  It doesn’t FEEL like spring…

Today I’m rounding up some ideas to help us all survive spring break.  I figure we can all use a little help.

I knew next week was Spring Break.  I knew the kids had fun run the day before Spring Break.  What I didn’t realize was that fun run is on Thursday this year.  Spring Break starts on Friday (not next Monday like I thought).

As far as my kids are concerned, Spring Break starts Thursday morning when they “fuel up with flap jacks” at school before their fun run.  That made today (Tuesday) practically “Spring Break Eve.”  All that fun combined with the residual effects of the time change have me a little flustered.

I’m NOT ready… I’m sooooo not ready.

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Sunday Dinner Traditions

As I write this post on Sunday Dinner traditions, I’m sitting on my back porch with my feet up.  If I wanted to, I could see and hear a football game on the television from where I sit.

It is the first day that it actually feels like Fall here in Houston.  It’s finally not so hot and humid that you break out in a sweaty mess the minute you walk outside.

It feels marvelous.

I’ve given up on getting my kids to come outside and decided to just enjoy the peace and quiet all on my own. [Read more…]

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Hey Hey from Atlanta!

Hey ladies!  I’m saying hi from Atlanta Georgia!

I’ve been hanging out with 10,000 of my closest friends at the Thirty-One Gifts convention.  As my husband observed… it’s a LOT of estrogen in one place.

I have some interesting observations about the differences between a blogging conference (where the attendees are used to working in solitary conditions and tend to be introverts) and a direct sales convention (where…. they’re used to being very social all the time).

There are a ton of similarities too.

Anyway… that many women in one place all trying to use smart phones has a pretty predictable impact on cell phone service.  I’ve felt so cut off!

I’ve also made some interesting observations about about how the skills of being amazing at direct sales and the skills it takes to promote a blog on social media have a LOT in common.

If you’re looking for my blog on social media for direct sales, it’s called BAG OF CUPCAKES.

Until then… here’s my day in photos.  More or less.

IMG_3712 IMG_3737 IMG_3748 IMG_3700 IMG_3686 IMG_3685

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Vacation Planning – 5 things you never think of

The weird stuff that ends up on my to do list when I’m vacation planning is enough to make me want to just go with a staycation instead.

Some of it is my fault, a few I can trace back to my mother, and the rest… those are all from my husband.  But the end result is that I end up with a to-do list that is crammed full of last minute stuff that quite frankly, drives me crazy.

Here’s my top ten list of crazy stuff on my to-do list this week.  Our flight is Saturday and I’m not sure I can get it all done.  I never do. Somehow, we always manage to survive.

5 things you never think of when vacation planning [Read more…]

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Portrait of a Nine Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday to Watty!  My oldest son turns NINE today.  Where did the time go?

I can’t believe that nine years ago, I looked like this!

mothering in process

(sigh. once i showed the blue eye shadow love’s baby soft photo i’ve lost all control.)

Watty is an amazing kid.

What does a nine year old boy look like?  I’ve painted a portrait of him in words.

Portrait of a Nine Year Old Boy [Read more…]

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Candy Crush Saga – Just a Harmless Crush?

A few weeks ago, I started a board on Pinterest about Candy Crush.

I figured that tweeting about a meme I was pinning on Pinterest that started as a Facebook game pretty much covered all my social media addictions in one basket.  The only thing left was my blog.  Just to complete things, I’ll Instagram something from today’s post and then tweet the Instagram post.

(it seems i may have a social media addiction in addition to this darn candy crush thing.)

That was a few weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve played a bit more Candy Crush.  I’ve also paid attention to how my friends talk about it.   I’ve gotten a good idea of how to assess your level of Candy Crush Saga Addiction.

Some levels are more acceptable than others. [Read more…]

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Dear Cat Sitting in the Dark

Dear Cat Sitting in the Dark –

It’s 4 am.  I did NOT get up to feed you.  Please quit meowing at me from the food bowl.

You know the routine around here.  It’s been the same for years.  The alarm goes off, people wake up, people get dressed, then people feed you while they wait for coffee.

dear cat

Did you HEAR an alarm go off?

Am I dressed?

Oh and don’t think bumping your head against my bare foot is going to change my mind.  Nice try kitty, but your cold wet nose isn’t helping your cause.

Cat, it’s like this. [Read more…]

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When you ask a silly question

When you ask a silly question, what do you expect to get?

The old standard is that you get a silly answer.

My kids think you get a blank stare (or an eye roll).

But my husband’s answer takes the cake.

I’ve been working on a writing project that involves a princess, a unicorn, a generous dose of pink pony sparkle power, and an even larger dose of snark. [Read more…]

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A Shot In The Dark

A Shot in the DarkI titled this “a shot in the dark” but I could have titled it “how my marriage works” or “modern marriage problems.”  Ultimately, it’s a story about how my husband and I navigate through the little problems in life.

I think most couples act like this – even if it’s just in the privacy of their own heads.

Remember our charming country “barn” at Camp No-Fi?  The one that my kids thought played DVD’s?

Remember that it was dark.  Country dark? [Read more…]

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