Pea Salad for a Crowd

When I first shared my pea salad recipe in the summer of 2012, I shared a recipe that makes two servings. It’s perfect for everyday  family life. It doesn’t leave leftovers – yay!

But for holiday gatherings and crowd pleasing picnic or barbecue buffets, I need to scale the recipe up.

Since my pea salad tends to be a popular item on Pinterest around the holidays, I thought I’d share the scaled up quantities for the best pea salad ever.

(for more photos and the original recipe, check out this post on the best pea salad ever)

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spinach corn enchiladas recipe

Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight? Spinach Corn Enchiladas.

These are a healthy rendition of enchiladas.  I used leftover chicken, frozen spinach, canned corn, onions, and green salsa for the filling.   If I’m out of chicken, I just use black beans instead.  Or eggs. This totally works as a fancy breakfast taco if that floats your boat.

There’s enough filling for a dozen enchiladas, so you can freeze and use in a future dinner of enchiladas or quesadillas.

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Pantry Challenge Bar Cookie Recipe

I give up.  I don’t know what to call them.  English toffee cookies, no compromise cookies, three bears cookies.  Take your pick.  I’m calling them the pantry challenge bar cookie recipe, but I’m open to suggestions.

My mom always called these “English Toffee Cookies.”  But that’s kind of misleading.  They don’t have the layer of chocolate creamy goodness that most recipes with that name have.

As I explained earlier, I refuse to compromise my cookies.  That’s where the name “No Compromise” cookies came from.  I don’t want to compromise on ingredients OR flavor.   They could also be called “Compromise Cookies” because the one bar cookie can be made into several flavors of cookies at once.

(One bowl, one pan, four cookie flavors.  That rocks.) [Read more…]

It’s not Christmas without my Sugar Cookie Recipe

I grew up with these as the “go-to” sugar cookie recipe of the family.

I have many fond memories of cutting out shapes, decorating with sprinkles, and baking the cookies with my mom.  But technically, these aren’t sugar cookies.  The original recipe called them “old fashioned tea cakes” and it was from the 1953 edition of the Red River Cookbook published in Shreveport Louisiana (and currently out of print).

When I first became a mom, I couldn’t WAIT to share the holiday sugar cookie tradition with my boys.

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Mother In Law Salsa Recipe – Not my momma’s salsa

Have you ever started searching for one thing on the internet and ended up in a totally different place?  That’s how I ended up making Mother In Law Salsa.

I started by looking for mother-in-law cake recipes.  I was being snarky about it because, at the time, my in-laws were due for a visit.

I Googled “mother in law recipes” and quickly stumbled onto a great recipe for Salsa De Suegra (mother in law salsa).  It’s so named because it is sharp on the tongue (sour) with a strong bite (hot).  (Draw your own conclusions.  My mother in law inspired the entire egg thing.)

Every version I read called for green tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, serrano chiles, green onions, salt, and water.  Well, my mother in law can’t eat green onions.  So, I reimagined the salsa based on ingredients she can eat.  I also left out the green tomato since I couldn’t find one.

Yes.  I made mother in law sauce for my mother in law.  She thought it was funny.

I made red salsa for her too.  It was onion free because of her allergies.  I work hard to cook food that she can eat when she visits us.

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Creamy Curried Pumpkin Soup Recipe

I know, a curried pumpkin soup recipe wasn’t exactly part of my Grandmother’s holiday recipe collection either. But it should have been. Honest.

I’m hoping to make this a holiday family tradition for the next generation. After a huge holiday feast, I’m always in the mood for something light. For preference, something with lots of vegetable goodness. I also start craving spicy and exotic flavors.

In my mind, this curried pumpkin soup is just right as a post-Thanksgiving menu offering. It features peanut butter and coconut milk to round out the curry. Yummy. [Read more…]

Whole Grain Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

This whole grain pumpkin muffins recipe is fast, forgiving, and flexible.

Those are my three favorite words when it comes to baking.

(By the way, these have no eggs.  I’m told they pass the “vegan test” but you’ll have to judge for yourself.) [Read more…]

Labor Day Weekend Summer Recipe Roundup


It’s Labor Day weekend!  The official last weekend of summer grilling and cookouts.   In honor of the weekend of summer cooking, I’m rounding up my favorite summer recipe posts from the past two years.

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Steak and wing sauce salad (man salad)

Man salad.  This is a salad that a man could love, not some frilly girly salad.

It features steak, the flavors of buffalo wings, and fried onions.

It’s the perfect salad for date night in.

According to hubby, the fried onions add just the right touch of “unhealthy” to make it enjoyable to eat a salad for dinner (and the baby spinach provides enough nutrition to make up for it).

He was thrilled with the flavors and textures, and pronounced it a satisfying all-in-one dinner.

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Shredded Brisket Tacos Recipe

Yes, I said shredded brisket tacos recipe.  You make it in the crockpot and it’s amazing.  If you’re trying to beat the summer heat, just pop the crockpot on the back porch.  The recipe works equally well with any cheap roast (pork or beef), so use what’s on sale.

This is brisket y’all.  Since I can still buy a big hunk (35 pounds) of brisket for 99cents a pound, I’m going with brisket.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option to go with these, try my spinach corn enchiladas.

In Texas, that normally means one thing… getting lovingly rubbed with herbs and spices and then sloooowly smoked for hours as the meat is transformed into Texas Bar B Que.

You can always judge a good bbq’d brisket by the line of pink (almost red) that marks the smoke penetration in the meat, the crispy top (bark), and the delicious melt-in-your-mouth goodness that doesn’t even need sauce.  (But I put sauce on there anyway, because I want to.)

But sometimes, I manage to sneak some of that lovely brisket meat to use in other ways.

This is about three pounds of brisket meat.  If you’re worried about all the fat, the by all means cut it off.  Or, leave it on and then drain all the liquid at the end of cooking (before you shred the meat).

I will get a dozen servings off of this one tiny hunk of meat. [Read more…]

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