10 Happy Mom Questions for perfect mothers

10 happy mom questionI wanted to compile a list of ten happy mom questions — questions that my kids could ask me that would make me a very happy mom.  When I started making a list, my goal was to find ways to be thankful for my children and to identify things they do that bring my happiness.  But I couldn’t stop at ten!  These started rolling out faster than I could type them!  The only thing that slowed me down was my laughter at how impossible or improbable these were for my family.  This is the stuff of fantasy… the kind of questions perfect children ask perfect moms.  What began as an exercise in gratefulness quickly turned into a lesson in humor and unrealistic expectations.   [Read more…]

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10 Happy Thoughts – Some of my favorite quotes on happiness

happiness quotes from thishappymom.com
Today, I’m bringing you a small collection of quotes on happiness from others. I figured you might want some perspectives on happiness other than my own. Just putting this collection together made me smile, so I hope it brings a little happiness to your day.

If you check my Facebook page, I’ve uploaded an album called “Happiness Quotes.”  Each quote in artwork, available for download to use however you wish.  I have mine running as a screen saver at the moment.




10 Quotes on Happiness for you.

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How Happy Are You? Do you want more happiness?

how happy are you?How happy are you?

Do you know? Are you happier today than you were last week? Do you see yourself as becoming happier with every passing year? Are you happier than you were before you had kids? Do you want more happiness in your life? I have a simple idea that will answer all of these questions and help you become a happier mom. [Read more…]

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Getting My Happy On – Can You Fake Happiness?

Getting My Happy OnAs I walked into church this week, someone asked me if I was “getting my happy on.” The question took me off guard, in part because I had no earthly clue what she meant by “getting my happy on.”  (Can you do that?  Can you fake happiness?)

So I asked her. I turns out, she reads my blog. I blushed, because it’s always a little weird when friends read my blog and learn things about me that way. I’m pretty much the same person on my blog and in real life, I don’t share secrets on my blog that I wouldn’t want my mother to read. I try to be authentic and real and genuine in my writing. I’d like to think I’m just like the “real life me” on my blog, but I”m probably funnier in writing.

Anyway, she was wondering if I felt like I needed to live up to my blog name. Did I feel like I needed to look like “this happy mom” all the time just because that was, in essence, the product I was selling to others. She wondered if I felt inauthentic if I ever was anything other than “this happy mom” or if I felt like I lived a lie on my blog when I wasn’t happy.  I’m actually glad someone asked the question.  It wasn’t simply “can you fake happiness” but a more direct “are YOU faking happiness?” [Read more…]

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Joy is a choice we make

Joy is a choice we make.

The uncomfortable flip side of that is that we can also choose “un-joy” – sadness, discontent, unhappiness, bleh-ness, and whatever other term you want to use for the days when there is no joy.

(Depression is, arguably, a different animal.  When the brain chemicals get messed up, it’s hard to set things straight.  I’m not talking about THAT kind of un-joy.)

The more I’ve written about joy and the further I go into the 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood, the more I’m convinced of this basic truth.

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My Happiness Vision (for myself and for my blog)

My Happiness Vision from thishappymom.comMy happiness vision is pretty straight forward.  It’s a word picture of what happiness means to me, it’s a mission statement for my life, and it’s at the core of what I blog about.

My blog is about feeding women (mostly moms) body, soul, and spirit.  That’s why I mix recipes (body) with humor, stress reducers and insights (soul) and scripture (spirit).  Being happy is about being a well-balanced person, not just about your mood.

Until I actually took the time to visualize what it meant for me to be happy, I found if very difficult to take steps to intentionally BE happier.  I was a prisoner to the “momma ain’t happy” moments because I didn’t have a clue how to get out of them.

Once I could articulate clearly what happiness looked like in my life, I began to be able to define steps I could take each day, regardless of my mood or circumstances.  Being able to see a picture of me as a happy mom was a major step to becoming this happy mom.  Because I can see it, I can begin to take steps to live it.   [Read more…]

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