Purpose isn’t easy

I’ve read post after post lately where a mom laments that her life feels empty and devoid of purpose. In almost every case, the writer blames motherhood.

I understand how the writer feels, I’ve felt the same way. But I believe it has nothing to do with being a mom.

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how to rekindle your passion as a mom

The idea of living your life with passion sounds great.

The idea of being passionate for God’s calling on my life sounds amazing.


Sometimes, God’s calling doesn’t sound very exciting.

Sometimes, my life feels about as passion filled and exciting as the tax code.

That endless parade of daily activities feels a bit like Groundhog Day and can drain the life right out of me.

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P is for Passion

It sounds so simple — live your life with passion and purpose.

Nailing down exactly what that means is a little harder. What exactly does a life filled with passion and purpose look like and how on earth do I achieve it? People build entire careers around the subject. The publishing industry churns out countless books on the subject.

Y’all. We spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to figure out what it means to live with passion and purpose instead of actually LIVING that way.

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Labeling our passion can hinder it

Sometimes, in our haste to have our passion understood, we allow others to label us in a way that hinders us. For me, the whole “blogging niche” thing has been a source of frustration, bewilderment, and limitation.  The more I’ve dug into it, the more convinced I am that labeling our passion should be handled with care.

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It’s 5am and I’m up.

It’s 5am.  The world outside my window is dark.  I’m famously NOT a morning person.  But I’m up.

I’ve been awake for half an hour.  That’s long enough to stagger into the kitchen and make my husband an egg sandwich while the coffee maker worked magic.  It’s long enough for me to stare hopelessly into the warm coffee mug and feel the caffeine steam kiss my face.

Thirty minutes is long enough to remember that I’m not a morning person and to then subsequently remember why I’m up.

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Blissdom Bliss for Non-Bloggers #5club

blissdom bliss for non bloggers

I had an awesome and amazing time at Blissdom and I came back with ton of stuff I wanted to share – my Blissdom Bliss

My blogging friends have asked me what I learned, and I can’t blame them.

But I also remember what it felt like to read these kind of posts when I didn’t have my own blog.  I felt left out.  I wanted to just move on to the next post because I didn’t see why I should care.

So here’s the deal.

Most of what I learned applies to EVERYONE – not just bloggers and social media junkies.

(besides, if i don’t tell you how amazing it was, then i can’t possibly meet you in person at a future blossom event and hug your neck, right? i promise – i’ll put blogger or social media specific stuff in it’s own section where the rest of you can ignore it.)

So over the next few weeks, I’m planning on sharing some Blissdom bliss posts on a random basis.

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You Can’t Outsource Motherhood.

It’s true – you can’t outsource motherhood!

I always giggle at the annual report where they calculate the replacement value of a stay at home mom (or what her annual salary would be.)

Have you looked at it? According to Salary.com, I should be paid over $112,000 for 2012.

(updated 2014: Salary.com now provides a custom calculator that allows you to customize your mom salary based on location and number of kids. It even lets you print a “paycheck.”)

That’s nice.

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10 (more) Happy Mom Questions for you

10 happy mom questionsI recently posted ten happy mom questions – questions my kids ask me that make me happy as a mom.  I also included a tongue-in-cheek listing of fantasy questions that a perfect child might ask a perfect mother, just because it made me laugh to write it all down.

Today I want to take the concept of “happy mom questions” in a different direction.  I wanted to share a list of questions I ask myself.  I guess you could call it a cheat sheet for being happy, or maybe a checklist to happiness.  The idea started as a working list of habits for happy moms, only I wanted a personalized one based on things that make ME happy and not just a generic list of stress busting activities.  It ended up being more of a happiness triage list.

I call these my happy mom questions, but really it’s my personal checklist for taking care of myself when I am suddenly having a “momma ain’t happy” moment. [Read more…]

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What makes you happy? Add a little happiness to your day. FREE downloadable!

what makes you happyWhat makes you happy?  Have you ever really thought about it?  Could you sit down and list out twenty things that make you happy, right now?  What about ten?  Five? One Hundred?

I’ve been pondering the subject lately.  Ironically, it seems like I can list a LOT of things that make me happy  when I am actually happy.  But my list is really short when I’m not happy.  I’ve also figured out that some of the things I lean on when I’m unhappy (chocolate) don’t really make me happy.

OK, maybe chocolate is a bad example.  It probably does make me happier.  There’s research and stuff that says chocolate is good for me.  In moderation.

For a lot of reasons, I decided that knowing what made me happy was a good way to be happy on purpose (intentional happiness)..

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Happy Mom Monday – Mondays Make Me Happy

happy mom mondayHappy Mom Monday!  You may think I’m daft, but Mondays make me happy.

I know, Monday has a bad reputation.  It’s the day we all return to our routines after a busy weekend of fun.  As moms, we have a double whammy.  We need to get everyone else in the household back on their routines (not bad in the summer, but tough during the school year) PLUS we have a weekend full of laundry and cleaning to catch up on.

During the school year, by the time I get everyone successfully out the door on a Monday morning, I am wiped out!  A full weekend of family actives (whether at-home or on-the-run) leaves me yearning for a little peace and quiet to recover.

And, so, about three months ago, I decided to give in to the yearning.

I declared Monday to be MOMday.

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