School Valentine Parties

school valentine parties

school valentine partiesLet me be up front and say I’m not a huge fan of school Valentine parties.

I can still remember my disappointment in 3rd grade when Linda Perfecthair brought big handmade decorated valentine cards to give to all her friends and recycled store-bought cards for everyone else.  Linda’s friends (Sally Cutedress, Suzie Perkynose, and Babette Giggleface) were all delighted.  The rest of us felt like losers.

Ever since then, I’ve approached the holiday with Charlie Brown worthy angst and dread.

As a mom, it isn’t any better.   [Read more…]

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No Flowers for Me

no flowers for me

Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, and there will be no flowers for me.

Between dating and marriage, we’ve been together 14 years.  Aside from our wedding day, my husband has only bought me flowers once.

(that was early in our marriage when a mutual male friend pressured him into doing it.  when my husband handed me those roses, he said “here – i only got you these because marvin made me do it.  i hope he’s happy.”  nice.)

I’m also not going to be given a giant box of chocolates.  My husband knows me well enough to know I have a stash of quality dark chocolate somewhere in the house and that I’m not a big fan of the mixed assorted stuff.

(the good stuff is currently hidden in my sock drawer.  don’t ask why.)

I was given jewelry for a wedding present (and obviously for our engagement) but I haven’t received any since.  If I want jewelry, I tend to go out and buy what I want. [Read more…]

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