104 days of summer vacation…

104 days of summer vacation

… and school comes along just to end it.

We started our summer vacation sooner than just about anyone I know.  We got out May 24th.  So I may be a little further along in the summer vacation stages than you are.

(by the way, I just calculated… there are only 81 days in our summer vacation)

But I have this theory about summer vacation.  I think ALL of us go through the same stages of enjoyment, tolerance, resignation,  and eagerness.

(there are only 31 days left before our 1st day of school.  that’s only a MONTH!  we go back earlier than anyone i know, so your numbers may not be so exciting.)

At the start of the summer, we are all excited about the lack of schedule and the freedom to sleep late.  Enjoyment is high.  Our kids are easily entertained, the house is still clean, and we’re all relaxed and happy.

(but really, it’s more like 21 weekdays.  weekends don’t count.)

dont look in the laundry roomAfter a few weeks, the excitement wears off.  The lack of routine has turned our home upside down.  The kids stay up late and we stay up later.  We’d all sleep in except that SOMEONE still has to go to work.  We won’t mention the laundry pile.  Just don’t open the laundry room door please.  Suddenly, activities and outings seem like a great idea.  It will help everyone to get out of the house.  Summer vacation is tolerable, but no longer exciting. [Read more…]

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Happy 4th of July!

happy july 4th

Happy 4th of July friends.  I hope you’re having fun.

As is our tradition, I woke up this morning to the sound of fire engines.  Ever year, I forget that we live three houses off of a parade route.  We scrambled to get dressed and were in time to see the whole thing.

My kids came home with gobs of candy.  Some of it was clearly leftover Halloween and Easter candy.  To be honest, that’s pretty fair.  I think I handed out leftover July 4th parade candy for Halloween one year.

We’d only lived in our home for a month the first time we were awakened by the sound of sirens for July 4th.  I remember standing there holding the hands of my two diaper clad boys as they watched the parade go by.

They were in awe. [Read more…]

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