we’ve taken over mommies blog today

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Watty and GoGo and we’ve taken over mommies blog today.

its our mothersday prezunt to her.

We wanted to give her the day off because she works really hard at her blogging job.  We cant figure out how she makes money playing that candy game, but she says its market research.

Mommy gave us five questions to answer on her blog. [Read more…]

What I want for Mother’s Day (it’s simple)

Mother’s Day is almost here.  I know what I want for Mother’s Day, but it’s not anything I’ve seen on TV. It’s way simpler than that.

I don’t know about you, but my television and radio seem like they are showing a constant stream of commercials for flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and chocolate covered fruit.

You know me.  I don’t get flowers.

I’ve outgrown teddy bears. I buy my own chocolate.

I don’t exactly want to spend the day playing Minecraft.

So that kind of begs the question – what is it I want for Mother’s Day.

(I’m posting this now, but I know my husband won’t ask until about 5pm on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Don’t you love that?)

What I want for Mother’s Day [Read more…]

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