Three gifts every mom needs

three gifts for every mom

This is my third installment of gifts every mom needs (and can give herself).  No matter your budget, age, size, or hair color I can promise you that these gifts are a perfect fit!

In 2012, I shared a guest post on Mothering From Scratch and recommended that every mom give herself the gifts of Simplicity, Significance, and Perspective.

In 2013, I suggested that every mom give herself the gifts of Grace, Laughter, and Peace.

It’s 2014 and I’ve dreamed up three new gifts to give yourself.

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Do you hear what I hear? Christmas Phrases.

do you hear what i hea

Christmas vacation is almost over at our house and quite frankly, I’m ready for everyone to get back on the normal schedule.

But until then… let’s play a fun game.  Do you hear what I hear?

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Messy Christmas? God’s got it covered.

christmas was messy

Wow.  Part of my Christmas was Messy.  (Yes, it deserves the capital letter.  Really.  It was a messy Christmas.)

It was the crazy kind of messy that people don’t normally talk about because it’s uncomfortable.  Sharing it is scary and hard, but I know somewhere, someone else had a holiday that was just as messy (if not messier). They need to know they aren’t alone.

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Christmas is HERE.

Merry Christmas friends.

Christmas is here.  It arrived.  (And I survived.)

It’s here… even though the Amazon man didn’t deliver.

It’s here… even though I’m still a few crafts short.

It’s here… even though there are spots in my house that aren’t as clean as I might wish.

It’s here… even thought I’m a few dozen cookies short.

Christmas is here.

And that’s OK.

This morning, I finally got my Christmas wish.  Before the chaos and craziness of the day starts, I finally got my quiet cup of coffee next to the Christmas tree.

Today, I open my heart and my home to family.  We will celebrate the most amazing miracle of Christmas.


Love and forgiveness and blessings… unearned and unexpected.

Whatever gifts the Amazon man might have been delivering are NOTHING compared to that perfect gift of love and grace!

Whatever spot in my house that isn’t clean and perfect is OK.  It’s a reflection of me.  Imperfect, flawed, and a work in progress.  My family knows that, and they love me anyway.  Just like God does.

Mommas, today it doesn’t matter what didn’t get done.  Open your heart wide to the gift of Grace.

(And just to keep it real,

Tonight we’re traveling to my in-laws.  Her Christmas dinner menu includes potato and dumpling soup, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs.  

I totally failed at the PJ making project.  I made one pair and they are so wrong.  I can’t stop laughing at them long enough to take a picture.  We’re calling them the “pants of shame.”

I’ve started back on rehabbing my knee some more.  Don’t hate me, but I’ve lost two pounds in the past week.)


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