Three gifts every mom needs

three gifts for every mom

This is my third installment of gifts every mom needs (and can give herself).  No matter your budget, age, size, or hair color I can promise you that these gifts are a perfect fit!

In 2012, I shared a guest post on Mothering From Scratch and recommended that every mom give herself the gifts of Simplicity, Significance, and Perspective.

In 2013, I suggested that every mom give herself the gifts of Grace, Laughter, and Peace.

It’s 2014 and I’ve dreamed up three new gifts to give yourself.

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10 Ways to Mess Up a Turkey

how to mess up a turkey

I’ve cooked a turkey at least once each of the last 15 years and invariably something goes wrong.  I’d like to save you some heartache by listing out the very worst ways to mess up a turkey.

I’m hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes.

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Cinco de Mayo Fun (and why I love tacos)

cinco de mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May).   Have you SEEN Pinterest this morning?  It’s an explosion of tacos, margaritas, and salsa.  Between that and all the Kentucky Derby pins they completely crowded out all the photos of Ryan Gosling and nail polish that I normally see.

Since you asked, we are having tacos for dinner tonight. Given that tacos are my default meal, that’s hardly cause for celebration.

Why tacos?

  1. Everyone eats them.
  2. I can include leftovers without anyone noticing.
  3. Prep once, eat twice.
  4. I can make them in less than 10 minutes. (See the “how” below).
  5. My personal taco configuration can be as low cal, low fat, high protein, and high vegetable as it needs to be.

(My taco? Corn tortilla with fresh spinach, sautéed onions, bell pepper, grilled poblano peppers, avocado slices, and grilled chicken. I’d put salsa in there, but I ran out of room If I’m calorie crunched, it turns into taco salad.)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I’m highlighting some of my favorite Mexican recipes from blog posts past.

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10 things NOT to include in your summer planning

summer planning

Happy May! Today is my official summer planning day and wow… I feel like I’m running behind.  I’m trying to plan out blogging, vacation, summer camps, budgets, business, and menus all in one go.

Fortunately, I’m not starting from scratch. I’ve done summer before. Some of them were better than others. I tend to keep a log of lessons learned. For each major holiday or season, I jot down what works and what doesn’t.   Today’s post is inspired by lessons of summers past. [Read more…]

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