Mothering Mischief – Summer errand slow down

One of the hardest things to do in the summer is to drag my kids out the door to go somewhere important, like the grocery store.  I call it the summer errand slow down.  I’ve found that a little mothering mischief can help.

Here’s the scenario. See if you can relate.

Me:  Kids, we need to get dressed and go to the grocery store.

Kids:  Why?

Me:  Because we’re out of food.

Kids: Do we have to wear shoes? [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Nagging

mothering mischief naggingIt’s Monday, and once again I’m engaged in a little Mothering Mischief.

The concept is simple – tap into my creative (and sometimes rebellious) nature to make an otherwise boring task a little more fun or to come at the whole “parenting” thing from a fresh and memorable angle.

This week, my oldest son is learning a painful lesson about nagging and listening.

For the past several weeks, Watty has been getting a score of “50” in his Bible class.

(we’re blessed to send the kids to a private Christian school.)

The only way he can be getting a 50 is that he isn’t memorizing his Bible memory verse each week.

My son is getting an F. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Easter Eggs

mothering mischief easter eggsBefore the Easter bunny arrives and starts spreading Easter Eggs everywhere, I thought I’d share a little Mothering Mischief.

Even if the Easter Bunny skips your house, I strongly suspect this can be applied at your home.

It started a few years back, when Watty was in Kindergarten.   I was, in classic slacker mom fashion, a little unprepared for Easter.  Actually, I was prepared for the important stuff.  I had new shoes.  My kids were wearing something appropriate.  We went to church.  We had dinner with the family.

But around 4 in the afternoon, as we’re driving to our home, I realized I had forgotten something important.

Kids:  Mommy?  When is the Easter Bunny coming to our house?

Uh. Oh.  I had no Easter Baskets.  No candy.  No eggs.  And my kids were suddenly acting like they actually believed a giant six foot rabbit was supposed to visit our yard and deliver candy filled eggs.

Enter Mothering Mischief. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief on my phone

By now, you know I love my mothering mischief.  Yesterday’s post on how thankful I am for my phone inspired a confession.

I have some of the worst photos of my kids on my phone!

It’s not that I’m a bad photographer, honest.  I can actually take some great photos when I need to.  (I can also take some really bad ones, but everyone does that).

No, these photos are the results of some mothering mischief.

[Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief in the pool

mothering mischief in the poolOnce again, I’m engaging in a little mothering mischief today.

It’s spring break. It’s Texas. And we’re blessed enough to have a swimming pool in the back yard.

I know it sounds crazy to some of you, but for us, that means cranking up the pool heater and tossing the kids into the pool.

(we might see temperatures in the mid-seventies, but the without heating, the water hovers in the low fifties. brrr!)

As long as I keep bringing out snacks and toss out a few pool toys, my boys will stay in the water until they are prunes.

They’ve asked me if I can install a TV outside so they can hang out in the hot tub and watch cartoons all day. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Pink TV

If you haven’t figured out by now, I practice Mothering Mischief on a regular basis.

As I shared last week in a guest post on Mothering From Scratch, tapping into that mischievous and creative side of mothering just works for me.

Last week, one of my boys had earned himself a television free day or two.

(not completely tv free, he could still watch pink tv)

The crime had involved his growing obsession with a certain television show and my unwillingness to drop everything and instantly help him get his “fix.”

So the ban was appropriate. It fit the crime. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh: Beans

It’s Tuesday, my kids make me laugh, and I promised to tell you the second half of the bean story.

The best part of the whole thing is when my kids realize just how mischievous I really am.

If you recall from yesterday’s post on beans, my picky child refused to eat my (very tasty and frugal) homemade refried beans. Instead, he insisted on saying the ones from a restaurant were better.

Me:  GoGo, WHICH restaurant is better?

GoGo:  All of them. I don’t like your beans.

After I pressed them on the subject, both of my kids actually did have a favorite refried bean restaurant.   [Read more…]

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