Mothering Mischief – Summer errand slow down

One of the hardest things to do in the summer is to drag my kids out the door to go somewhere important, like the grocery store.  I call it the summer errand slow down.  I’ve found that a little mothering mischief can help.

Here’s the scenario. See if you can relate.

Me:  Kids, we need to get dressed and go to the grocery store.

Kids:  Why?

Me:  Because we’re out of food.

Kids: Do we have to wear shoes? [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Nagging

mothering mischief naggingIt’s Monday, and once again I’m engaged in a little Mothering Mischief.

The concept is simple – tap into my creative (and sometimes rebellious) nature to make an otherwise boring task a little more fun or to come at the whole “parenting” thing from a fresh and memorable angle.

This week, my oldest son is learning a painful lesson about nagging and listening.

For the past several weeks, Watty has been getting a score of “50” in his Bible class.

(we’re blessed to send the kids to a private Christian school.)

The only way he can be getting a 50 is that he isn’t memorizing his Bible memory verse each week.

My son is getting an F. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief – Easter Eggs

mothering mischief easter eggsBefore the Easter bunny arrives and starts spreading Easter Eggs everywhere, I thought I’d share a little Mothering Mischief.

Even if the Easter Bunny skips your house, I strongly suspect this can be applied at your home.

It started a few years back, when Watty was in Kindergarten.   I was, in classic slacker mom fashion, a little unprepared for Easter.  Actually, I was prepared for the important stuff.  I had new shoes.  My kids were wearing something appropriate.  We went to church.  We had dinner with the family.

But around 4 in the afternoon, as we’re driving to our home, I realized I had forgotten something important.

Kids:  Mommy?  When is the Easter Bunny coming to our house?

Uh. Oh.  I had no Easter Baskets.  No candy.  No eggs.  And my kids were suddenly acting like they actually believed a giant six foot rabbit was supposed to visit our yard and deliver candy filled eggs.

Enter Mothering Mischief. [Read more…]

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Mothering Mischief on my phone

By now, you know I love my mothering mischief.  Yesterday’s post on how thankful I am for my phone inspired a confession.

I have some of the worst photos of my kids on my phone!

It’s not that I’m a bad photographer, honest.  I can actually take some great photos when I need to.  (I can also take some really bad ones, but everyone does that).

No, these photos are the results of some mothering mischief.

[Read more…]

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