my kids make me laugh (again) #mkmml

Long ago, I wrote regular feature on Tuesdays called My Kids Make Me Laugh (MKMML). The premise was that taking time to notice the everyday antics of my kids and laugh with them helped me treasure my boys in whatever phase they happened to be in. Beyond that, it was supposed to encourage you to do the same.

You can go look, there’s a whole categories devoted to MKMML posts. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are, quite frankly, not.

When I looked at the awesome ones, it made me wonder what I quit writing them.  Then I looked at the “less than awesome” ones and I remembered. [Read more…]

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How to be the cool mom on the block

I’ve worked hard for my title as “cool mom” from the neighbor kids over the past five years.

(Not really)

It’s been a hugely competitive event with all the neighbor moms vying for the trophy.

(Seriously, not really)

Now that I’ve won the title of “coolest mom on the block” I’d like to let you in on my secret.

(Um, there isn’t a trophy or anything, but I’d like to think the other kids on the block envy my sons because they have such an cool and amazing mom.)


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The (really big) rules

This morning my second grader asked me for “the rules.”

Every morning when his alarm goes off, he comes flying into our room and crawls under the covers to snooze and snuggle.  When he’s good and wiggly, we go through the same routine every single day. [Read more…]

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Praying for my kids

I struggle with praying for my kids. I’m don’t feel like I’m good at it compared to how other women talk about praying.  Once I start comparing myself to others, I can’t find peace about my prayer life.

Before I became a mom, I would hear women declare proudly that they prayed for the future spouse of their child.  I’d look at the sweet darling toddler with snot running down his chin and think “lady, you’re nuts.”

I didn’t get it.

My grandmother was a prayer warrior.  I grew up secure in the knowledge that she prayed for me every day, whether I wanted it or not.  When she passed, I worried that she wasn’t there to pray for my own children.

The weight of that responsibility felt heavy on my shoulders. I felt incredibly inadequate compared to my grandmother. [Read more…]

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Five Steps to Reboot Monday

Here it is, the Monday after Easter and it’s anything but a normal day, but instead I need a reboot.

I had expected today to be a Monday – filled with menu plans and calendar catchup and laundry. I had expected to waive goodbye to my kids and husband and then dig in to a productive day.  Nope.

It’s the other kind of Monday.

The kind with two sick kids and husband who decided to work from home… just in case those man flu symptoms turn into something more serious. *sigh*  And here’s me… still needing to do laundry and plan menus and clean the house.

It’s not even 9am and I already feel a need to pull up my big girl panties and reboot the entire week.

(Yes, I said WEEK.  We got all dressed up for Easter Sunday.  We got in the car.  And THEN we realized that one child was too sick to attend services.  We attended church via Livestream.  The fancy Easter meal I had planned turned into chicken tacos.)

I know I’m not alone. I know a big part of motherhood consists of having our plans interrupted and adjusting our priorities (and attitudes) around whatever crisis has just happened.  Sometimes, we all need a little reboot.

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The 3 things every pregnant mom needs to hear

When a friend or acquaintance is pregnant for the second time, I try to remember to tell her three things… the three things every pregnant mom needs to hear.

They’re the two things I needed to hear the most often, the things I continued to need to hear during that first year with two babies.  Sometimes, even now, I still need to hear them.

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When the backseat DVD is broken

We had a pair of the backseat DVD players installed when we bought our latest car. It’s been about 18 months, and I really had forgotten what a game changer they were.

Right up until they broke.

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Road trip – final thoughts

As I’ve been sharing over the past few days, my fourth grade son and I went on a road trip this past weekend.  In the process, I made an amazing discovery.

It was just the two of us.  My husband and younger son stayed home.

(Much to my dismay, they hung dead animals on the wall.  Sigh.  Taxidermy.  I’m already working on crocheting a hot pink hat to put on the deer head.)

Up until this weekend, I would have described my oldest son as goofy, geeky, easily distracted, smart, funny, sensitive, energetic, intelligent, creative, and slightly nerdy.

This weekend, I added a new word.

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I kinda sorta love Mondays

I never thought I would say it, but I kinda sorta love Mondays.

(That may be too strong a sentiment.  I at least don’t hate them like I used to.)

Before you call me crazy, hear me out.  I think you might secretly love Mondays too! [Read more…]

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Crimes of Motherhood – I am the meanest mom ever

I am the meanest mom ever – at least according to my kids.

Personally, I figure that means I’m doing something right.

They have a different view.  They said that I’ve committed crimes.  I’m accused of…

(dum dum dum….)

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