Summer Saturday – Just like when I was little

It’s a summer Saturday.

As I write this, my kids are watching Woody Woodpecker.  My husband is cutting the grass.  I’ve cooked a hot breakfast.  Once the yard is done, we have an afternoon of family fun planned.

Just like when I was a kid.

Without realizing it, our family found that old time routine of yard cutting and chores on Saturday morning before playing all afternoon.

And it just feels… right.

Until a few weeks ago, we had a yard guy that came and cut the grass.  Between a desire to do a little budget cutting and a need to teach our kids some responsibility, we fired the yard guy.   We decided it was time to teach our boys to cut the grass and do yard chores.

Suddenly, everything just fit.

Summer Saturday Routine [Read more…]

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A Laundry List

Today’s post is a laundry list of sorts.  For months now, I’ve had a post title with no words to follow.  The title?

Top 10 Things I Love About Laundry

It’s an awesome title.  If I can ever write the post, I’m sure it will be a popular one.  But I can’t.  At least not yet.  I have a whole list of reasons why. They are (wait for it…)

My Laundry List [Read more…]

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10 Surprising Facts About Your Remodel

home at last - remodelAfter a year-long (and counting) remodel, I’ve learned a few things.  Some of them I learned the hard way, and others are the result of whispered advice from ladies who cared.

I was prepared for the standard bits of wisdom.  I knew it would go over budget.  I knew it wouldn’t be completed on time.  I even knew we’d expand the scope of the project.

If you have ever dreamed about remodeling, know someone who is going through a remodel, or just like to watch remodel shows on television then you need to read my list.

Some of these things don’t show up on HGTV, and it was a bit of a shock (at least for me).

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The benefits of eighteen (and some laundry stuff)

My kids are, roughly speaking, halfway to eighteen.

GoGo turns 8 this week.  Watty stays 9 until next May.

(at two loads of laundry per week per child, i’ve washed approximately 1,664 loads of laundry for them so far.  that’s a LOT of socks.)

Quite frankly, the idea that they are halfway to adulthood scares the living snot out of me! [Read more…]

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