Life Lessons Learned

life lessons learnedI was pretty much “done” with Valentine’s Day before I even went to bed that night, but I still wanted to make my Life Lessons Learned list before I forget.  I thought I’d share it with you, in case it helps.

(because i’d like to think other people can learn from my mistakes.)

After each holiday or event in my life I try to jot down some lessons learned.  I don’t always remember for a smaller event (like an outing to the zoo) but for big stuff like vacations and major holidays I do pretty well. [Read more…]

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It’s almost February – Got Goal?

Got Goal?Got Goal? It’s almost February, and I’m in the process of planning out my goals for next month.

Generally speaking, I achieve between 5 and 7 of my ten goals each month.  That’s WAY better than I’d do without any goals, so I figure I’m ahead.

(i know i didn’t get all my january goals met, the remodel isn’t done.  so i can’t put the house in order from the painter.  which means i can’t invite someone over for dinner.  and i can’t implement that meal plan i want to try until the painter is out of the kitchen.  ugh!)

And I’m inviting you to join me.

Got Goal? [Read more…]

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My sister was right.

my sister was rightI’d never admit it, but my sister was right.

A few months ago, as I was purging out the excess from my closet, I posted a question on my Facebook page.

“How many pairs of yoga pants do I really need?”

My sister went off on me.

Not in a bad way, but she didn’t exactly mince words.  In part, she said [Read more…]

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Wrapping up the resolution thing

Happy New Year - What shall I resolve?The kids are back in school, so there’s no way I can avoid making my resolutions.  I need to either declare them or admit that there won’t be any.

I’m out of excuses.

I’ve looked at my resolutions from the past and I’ve learned from them.

I’ve looked at my regrets from last year.

I’ve even reverse engineered some resolutions.

I tried to write a bucket list (and even started a blog post on the subject) but part way in I realized it was way too much work.

So (drum roll please) here it is.

My Resolutions for 2013. [Read more…]

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Reverse Engineering Resolutions

Happy New Year - What shall I resolve?I’m not sure what else to call Reverse Engineering Resolutions – maybe “Backing into Some Goals” or even “Blatant Cheating for the New Year.”

No matter what it’s called, this is yet another installment in the Resolutions series.

I already set monthly goals.  If I take those monthly goals and add them together, they look a little more impressive as a set of accomplishments for the year.

Example:  Loosing two pounds in January sounds pathetic and not worth trying.  Loosing 24 pounds in 2013 sounds a bit more worthwhile.

Example:  Saving $20 a week sounds simple.  Saving $1040 this year (20 x 52) would make it worthwhile.

Before I actually commit to my resolutions, I wanted to see what the monthly goals would create over the course of a year.  Since I’m achieving my monthly goals more often than not, it’s a good baseline. [Read more…]

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I regret nothing.

Happy New Year - What shall I resolve?One way I contemplated generating my New Year’s Resolutions was to look at what I regret.

The theory is simple.  If I regret not throwing a big birthday party for my kids last year, then I should resolve to throw one for them this year.

Hmm… sounds a little to simple.  There’s got to be a catch.  It can’t possibly be that easy.

So what is it I regret?

I really do regret not throwing that birthday party.

It’s not that I get a big thrill out of throwing parties (I don’t) or that I like to spend several hundred dollars for bad pizza and food coloring laden cupcakes.  I regret it because I promised I’d let him have a party.

I broke a promise to my son, and that stinks. [Read more…]

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Planning to fail – Doomed resolutions from the past

Happy New Year - What shall I resolve?Yesterday I started a short series on goal setting, planning, and resolutions.

I gave you the whole long winded reason I didn’t post classic New Year’s resolutions on my blog, and I mentioned that I had some personal experience with failure when it comes to resolutions.

(ahem)  I doubt I’m alone.

I’ve spent some time thinking about past resolutions and how those turned out.  I think you’ll understand why I don’t bother any longer.

See if these resolutions sound familiar.

1.  I resolve to get fit and exercise.  

I make this one almost every year.  The other years I resolve to “be realistic” about my schedule and expectations instead.  But the most spectacular failure happened when I was 24. [Read more…]

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Happy New Year – Why I haven’t resolved anything (yet)

Happy New Year - What shall I resolve?Happy New Year.  I know I’m a day late, but that’s just how I roll (at least lately).

I know the new year officially starts on January 1st – right after all the fireworks start going off.  But to me, the year doesn’t feel like it really begins until everyone is back at school and work.  Until then, I’m just trying to keep all the pieces from falling apart.

(and don’t get me started on the fireworks rant. ugh!)

And I know I’m supposed to have posted a cool list of resolutions yesterday to encourage and inspire.  But I didn’t.  I can’t.  I won’t.

I have a reason, and I have a plan.

This week, it feels like limbo. [Read more…]

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