168 Hours – That’s all I Get

168 hours

If you are trying to figure out the significance of 168 hours, it’s the number of hours in a week.

24 x 7 = 168.

For the past nine months, the number has haunted me. [Read more…]

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10 Opportunities for a Fresh Start

fresh start

Today is the day my kids (finally) headed back to school after a long Christmas break.  It’s also the day my husband (finally) went back to work.  Tomorrow, I get a fresh start.

Since we live in Houston Texas, it’s unlikely that we’ll be missing any school days due to snow.  As long as the heaters in the school work, we should be fine.  If you’re curious, it was 28 degrees with a 56 percent humidity when we woke up this morning.  In a home with all tile floors and only a forced air heating system, that’s mighty chilly.

So for me, tomorrow is my official start to the new year. [Read more…]

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Resolution 2.0

resolution 2014

Last year, I wrote an extended series on goals and New Year’s Resolutions.  While I didn’t finalize my resolutions in time for New Year’s Day, my theory was that the new year didn’t officially begin for me until the kids went back to school.

You can read all about my rationale for delayed resolutions in a post from EXACTLY one year ago today.  Given that I’m in the exact same spot 365 days later… well… sigh. [Read more…]

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It turns out I don’t do I can’t

i don't do i can't header

Here’s the deal. I know it’s two weeks from Thanksgiving and I “should” be writing about all things Thanksgiving.  But I can’t.  Why? As it turns out, I don’t do well with “I can’t.”

Since I can’t do I can’t, I’ve decided to jump out of an airplane and do outrageous things instead.  Want to join me?

[Read more…]

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