Get Ready for Summer Vacation

Tomorrow is our last day of school and I’m in full-blown pre-vacation panic. Today is get ready for summer vacation day.  It’s 9am. I’ve been up since 5.  I am NOT a morning person.

My list is about a mile long and it’s filled with the standard stuff.  Clean out the fridge, change the sheets on all the beds, pack, stop the mail, buy cat food, refill a prescription.  It’s the same list you’d make.

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Green peas and lamb

If Dr Seuss had ever tried to feed peas to my son, his famous book might have gone a little more like this….

(If you don’t recall my son’s long term aversion to peas, you might want to check out how Mr Picky got his name.

And yes, I’m calling this egg-themed.  I’m not done celebrating the egg just yet!)

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I might be a gym bunny

My husband called me a “gym bunny” the other day and I was mightily offended.

He had absolutely no clue that I struggled not to take off my favorite gym shoe and throw it as his head as he wandered out of the room. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been grinning when he popped back in a few seconds later to proclaim

I’ve always secretly wanted a gym bunny for a wife.

I stewed for hours.

Not because my husband is deriving some enjoyment from my ever-shrinking body but because I don’t see myself as a gym bunny. There’s still an X in the size of my t-shirts, how can I possibly be a gym bunny?

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Dogs or cats? The endless war.

My fourth grade son talks about the endless war between cats and dogs – a lot.

He’s not talking about the whole cats versus dogs thing from movies or cartoons. He’s talking about the ongoing debate in his grade.  It’s been raging for over two years now.

At this point, no one remembers how the whole thing got started. According to my son, the whole fourth grade is divided between cat lovers and dog lovers. You can’t like both. You can’t like neither.  You have to pick a side.

(I’m quite certain that “you can’t like neither” is a little wonky as a sentence. I can diagram it, it’s logically and technically accurate, but it sounds “wrong.” It’s the kind of thing my high school English teacher would have put a big red circle around and scrawled “awk” next to it.  

No, she wasn’t amused when I put wings on “awk” and turned it into a bird doodle on my essay. She wasn’t amused by the entire class screeching like “awk birds” when she returned our papers to us.  She eventually started writing “awkward” on our papers instead.  

She wasn’t a fan of long parenthetical interruptions, short paragraphs, or ellipses either. We got along like a house on fire. But I digress. I’m supposed to be writing about cats and dogs, not awk birds.)

It’s been a long debate. These kids started arguing about cats and dogs in second grade.  That’s practically their ENTIRE lives. It’s referred to as “the endless war.”

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No really, pumpkins are evil.

Last December, I shared my theory that pumpkins contain some mysterious substance that makes us all lose our mind and  start crafting.  I call it my “pumpkins are evil” theory.

As proof, I offered up my ridiculous list of Christmas crafting, the unusually large amount of crafty stuff in my Pinterest feed, and a few personal observations.  My prediction that the crafting impulse would subside just as soon as we all got our fill of cranberries (aka Christmas dinner) proved true.

I haven’t TOUCHED my sewing machine since December.

(You know… because I can’t actually sew. I just makes pants of shame. sigh.)

This morning, I realized I have further proof that this whole “pumpkins are evil” thing might be legitimate.

Target had the last of the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups on clearance.

(Wow, all my happy triggers in one place.  Squee.)

For the past few days, I’ve been indulging in pumpkin spice coffee with a splash of maple syrup and a generous amount of milk.  If you haven’t tried maple syrup in your coffee you don’t know what you’re missing.  Mmmm. [Read more…]

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How to bring back eighties music (and some be bop)

Music is a funny thing.  It’s both universal (we all listen to it) and intensely personal.

We can all listen to the exact same music and have entirely different responses.  (I’ve never liked Debbie Gibson, but my husband did.)

We can love something one day and loathe it the next. (I used to love Tone Loc, but now his stuff just seems lame.)

Right now, my family seems determined to bring back the eighties (and some funky jazz tracks, but who’s counting).

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S.B.O. (Strange Bedroom Objects)

Psst.  I’d like to talk about your S.B.O.  (You know… those strange bedroom objects that mysteriously appear over time.)

You’re never sure about how they got there, but suddenly your serene master bedroom retreat is littered with S.B.O. and your bedroom feels anything BUT restful.  It may start with something small and innocent, like a single game token or doll shoe or Lego.  Next thing you know, every surface (including the floor) is littered with S.B.O.

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Yet another reason you deserve a nap today

It’s no secret.  I love to nap.

(Actually, I prefer to just sleep late, but that’s not exactly possible with my family.  So I settle for the next best thing.  I crawl back in bed and nap once they leave the house.)

Before you write me off as yet another yoga pants wearing coffee drinking slacker mom, you really REALLY need to hear why I nap.  I promise you this will blow your mind. [Read more…]

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Will the jacket thief please stand up?

Here in Houston, we rarely need actual winter coats.  We’re more of a jacket kind of climate.

After school starts, I’m always diligent to inventory the jacket situation for the kids.  I make sure we have several hoodies, some windbreakers, and something polar fleece.  Combined with the mandatory thermal wear for hunting, it’s proven to be enough to keep my kids comfortable in almost any weather condition.

(If it’s below 50 they don’t go outside for recess.  Crazy, but true.)

This year was no exception.  Between the boys, we had a bountiful fourteen jackets in a variety of weights.  That included souvenir sweatshirts from the San Diego Zoo and Yellowstone National Park.  It included North Face all weather jackets.  It included some brand new thermal hoodies in camo.

This morning, I’m down to one all weather jacket and one oversized hand-me-down acrylic sweater.

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