On learning to fly

On the surface, this looks like a story about little birds learning to fly.  It’s not.

I’m sure your next assumption is that the little flying birds are a metaphor for my children.  That would be a mighty fine story and you’re welcome to tell it to yourself.  This… this is something different.

There was a little bird in the front yard the other day.

i was born to flyIt was a baby blue jay to be specific.  Although, perhaps the word “juvenile” is a better description.

It wasn’t quite flying, but it was doing the fly-hop thing.  The parental birds were in the nearest tree branch, crying out what sounded like encouragement and instruction.

My neighbor and her daughters were quite distressed.  They were worried that the sweet little baby would be devoured by one of the neighborhood cats.  They were worried that the bird would die of cold, unable to fly back up to it’s nest.  They worried that the bird would starve. [Read more…]

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Ordinary Wonders – Pink Sunsets

Ordinary WondersLast week’s Five Minute Friday post on Ordinary Wonders had a lingering impact for me.

I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept thinking about it all weekend.

In truth, I wanted MORE. I wanted more of those moments in my life. I’m greedy that way.

I know of no way to force myself (or anyone else) to see life through that special lens – the one that lets you see the miraculous in the ordinary. There are no guarantees.

All I can do is try.

Today’s story of ordinary wonder is inspired by the pink and orange and red and purple that paints the sky at sunset.

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