Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours.  I hope your day was blessed beyond all expectations.

I’ve been busy hostessing – baking and mashing and roasting and all the fun things that come when you host family for a few days.  Now that the pies are eaten and the food is put away, I’m sitting down for the first time all day to catch my breath.

In honor of Thanksgiving AND my 15th wedding anniversary, I’m taking a day or two off from blog-land.  I’ll be back Monday (or sooner).


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why i love ultimate bundles

I love Ultimate Bundles. Finding out what’s in each bundle (and what all the bonus offers are) is almost like Christmas for me.

You may have missed the Ultimate Christian Bundle, but there’s no excuse to miss the next sale. The Healthy Living Bundle, Homeschooling Bundle, and DIY Bundle sales are only a few months away.

Y’all. I love these bundle sales.  I’ve bought several of them and there is ALWAYS something amazing in them.

(Just to let you know, I love them so much that I’ve joined as an affiliate partner. But even if I wasn’t a partner, I’d be loving this bundle.)

Here’s my top five reasons why I LOVE these bundles:

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Musings on crunchiness

When it comes to crunchiness (you know, the whole essential oil, organic foods, alternative medicine thing) I’m never quite sure where I fit in.  Lately, the drama has been about my underarms.

Y’all.  I think I stink.  I’m not entirely sure, and my family members have requested that I refrain from walking up to them and asking “is it still working” as I raise my arm and waft the air past my arm pit.

Um… perhaps I should back up a bit and not start at the end of the story.

I’ve always struggled with armpit “freshness.”

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Daring Dictionary Discipline Debut

Today’s writing prompt was found on Pinterest.  It calls for me to pick a random word out of the dictionary and write a story that starts with that word.  It took a lot of discipline to pick the FIRST word.

(Honestly, I didn’t. I knew better. I’d end up picking the best word on the page. So I asked my kids to pick it for me. I have no idea if they cheated or not. Come to think of it, there was a ton of giggling involved. Hmmm…)

The idea is from Sarah Selecky as part of her daily writing prompts email subscription. (At least, that’s what the URL leads to. Since the pin is clearly from that site, it seems like a good guess. I’m not familiar with her blog or email subscription, but it looks pretty cool.)

All week, I’m writing to prompts I found on Pinterest. Most of them are from prompts designed for school-age kids. This one isn’t, but it could be.  If I were in 4th grade I could have fun with this one.

Ready to find out the word my story starts with?

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If I caught a Leprechaun

Today’s leprechaun themed post is inspired by a writing prompt I found on Pinterest.

It’s a FREE download from Teachers Pay Teachers. (If I was a teacher I would be all over that site! It has some super cool ideas.)  It was created by Brenda Cosby and she has a super cute blog – You Might be a First Grader… 

It’s part of a week long fun-fest of elementary school writing prompts I found on Pinterest.

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Messy Christmas? God’s got it covered.

Wow.  Part of my Christmas was Messy.  (Yes, it deserves the capital letter.  Really.  It was a messy Christmas.)

It was the crazy kind of messy that people don’t normally talk about because it’s uncomfortable.  Sharing it is scary and hard, but I know somewhere, someone else had a holiday that was just as messy (if not messier). They need to know they aren’t alone.

What you need to know first is that this post isn’t the one that was originally published.  [Read more…]

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Of missionary gifts, bacon, and love

At Christmas, I always start wondering how the agenda of others will end up under my tree.  I call them missionary gifts.

My larger family is quite diverse.  We’ve got conservatives, liberals, vegetarians, hunters, Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and more.  You name a major dividing line and it can be at my Christmas feast.  Sometimes, they all show up together.

(That goes a long way towards explaining why bacon never makes it onto my Christmas menu.  Bacon is “wrong” for a huge variety of reasons. It’s meat. It’s from pigs. It’s high in salt. It’s high in fat. It’s fried.  It’s not organic. It has nitrates. It causes cancer.  It isn’t raw. It comes from a factory. Sigh.)

If you think planning a MENU for all those folks is hard, wait until we open presents!

(I love bacon.  Sigh.)

At some point, it happens. Someone will bomb Christmas with a missionary gift.

(Maybe I can at least order some bacon wrapping paper.  As a joke.) [Read more…]

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Shhh… This blogger is sleeping

Hi friends. Just wanted to let you know I’ve decided to focus on rest and recovery this weekend. I’m fine, just still in pain and not resting that well. The pain meds aren’t conducive to writing, much to the amusement of my friends.

Since my kids are out of school Monday, I’m thinking I’ll be back to writing on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

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It’s another giveaway! Win a Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty-One Gifts

I’m in the mood to give something away.  Well, actually TWO somethings.  Two Timeless Beauty Bags.

I’m an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, remember?

Our October special is

For every $35 you spend in October, get


The Timeless Beauty Bag is included in that list. [Read more…]

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I’m giving away a FREE large utility tote!

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m ready to celebrate my one year blog-a-versary with a giveaway!

I’m thrilled to be giving away one of my very favorite products in the world – a large utility tote from Thirty-One Gifts.

In honor of my blog-a-versary, Thirty-One Gifts has kindly put my favorite bag on special this month for 70% off.

(OK, not really.  They have no idea it’s my blog-a-versary.  It’s a total coincidence.  Honest.)

Disclosure:  I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts.  Any links to their product will take you to my sales portal.  Any orders you may chose to place there will result in me earning commission.  This giveaway is sponsored entirely by me.

Here’s the deal.

(this give away is now closed)

but check back – i’m running another giveaway next month

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