Thankful Thoughts – My Phone

Thankful thoughts about my phone.Today’s Thankful Thoughts post is being typed on my phone. All the artwork is being generated on my phone. It’s only appropriate for me to be expressing thankfulness for my phone.

(edited: I did not post this until I got home because I needed to make sure the post looked right.  it’s the first time i ever did a post completely on the phone and i didn’t trust the process. with a little html knowledge or advance planning, it’s totally do-able.)

Top 10 reasons I’m thankful for my phone.

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Thankful Thoughts – Spring

thankful thoughtsIt’s the start of spring break for us, so I thought I’d share some thankful thoughts about spring.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m thankful for spring BREAK, but I can at least be thankful for the spring part.

And I’m not too happy about the time change either. I have a personal grudge against whoever thought it was a good idea to deprive me of an hour of sleep.

But still, I’m thankful for spring.

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Thankful Thoughts – Pink

thankful for pinkToday’s Thankful Thoughts are brought to you by the color pink.

(that should have been heard in the announcer voice from Sesame Street… the voice that says “today’s program has been brought to you by the letter C and the number 5.)

That’s kind of weird for me to say, because I’ve never thought of myself as a pink kind of person.

Growing up, when most other girls were obsessed with pink, I went for the more rebellious purple passion.  I even sported purple mascara in high school. [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts from my family

Thankful ThoughtsI wanted to try something different for Thankful Thoughts today.  I decided to interview my family and get their perspective on thankfulness.

(This was planned in advance and was not a last minute effort to fill blog space. Honest.)

I told GoGo I wanted to interview him for my blog.  He was game, so I started with an easy question. [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts: Neighbors

Thankful ThoughtsI had a hard time writing thankful thoughts about my neighbors today.  In some ways, it’s still too real and too raw.  But the real and raw feelings make for the best writing sometimes.

I love my neighborhood.  The houses are all mid-seventies era homes, surrounded by huge trees and gently aging landscape.  There’s nothing pretentious going on here – just real people living honest lives.  We’re a mixture of retired couples, young families, and middle of life families.  There’s a few boomerang groups with multi-generational families all crammed together in a jumble of generations.  The colors of our faces are the calico of America, a big patchwork quilt of diversity.

But we aren’t your average street. [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts: Love

Thankful ThoughtsThankful thoughts about Love? In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to pause and be thankful for LOVE.

I’m not talking about the mushy tingly stuff, although that’s nice too.

I’m talking about the long-enduring deep kind of love.

The kind of love that drives 20 miles to deliver me chicken soup and ginger ale when I’m hit with a stomach bug (thanks mom).

The kind of love that leaves the last M&M in the package and brings it to me all warm and sticky (thanks GoGo).

The kind of love that brings me a handful of flowers picked from the backyard to make me smile when I’m feeling down (thanks Watty).

The kind of love that covers my face for me during the scary parts of movies and never ever laughs at me for it (thanks Hubby). [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts – Thankful Thoughts

Thankful ThoughtsToday’s Thankful Thoughts is a bit recursive.

(recursive – like when you pull the instructions out of a new computer box and the very first step is how to open the box you’ve already opened.)

I’m thinking thankful thoughts (thankfully) about the process of writing a thankful thoughts post every week.

When I committed to writing a weekly series on thankfulness way back when my blog was in it’s infancy (on June 7th 2012, I just looked it up)

I said (in part)

I wanted to launch a new series on thankfulness, and Sunday seems to be the perfect day of the week to focus on the subject.  My intention is to write the Blog entry in advance and auto-schedule it for Sundays.   That lets me observe the whole “Sunday as a day of rest” thing.  It also enables me to spend my weekends focused on my family (very important).

That was almost eight months ago. [Read more…]

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Thankful thoughts – Emptiness

Thankful ThoughtsThis week in Thankful Thoughts, I’m writing about emptiness.

Most of the time, I think of emptiness as a bad thing.  I associate it with pessimism (a half empty glass) and lack.

But lately, I’ve been learning to see it as a blessing.
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Thankful Thoughts – New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

Thankful ThoughtsIt feels so good to sit down and write a post on Thankful Thoughts!   It’s been way too long.

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite about about New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, Mulligans, and Do-Overs.

++ redo from start ++

Even computers, the most logical of “creatures” recognize the need for a fresh start from time to time.

Haven’t you ever heard your kids at play when one of them suddenly says [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts – My Kids

Thankful Thoughts ChristmasToday I can’t help but write some thankful thoughts about my kids.

Last Friday I was horrified to hear the news of yet another school shooting.  Because I have two kids in elementary school, my very first thought was “those could be my kids.”

I was the second in car line to pick my kids up that day.  I couldn’t wait to hold them and sniff them and tell them how I treasure them.  It was all I could do to keep myself from checking them out of school early, just to be with them that day.

It hurt.

Honestly, I’ve avoided all sources of news since Friday.  We’ve watched Netflix and Amazon videos.  I’ve avoided the radio. I’ve stayed off twitter and (for the most part) Facebook.

It feels like the whole thing has sucked the words right out of my fingers.

I have more questions than answers right now.  But here’s what I do know. [Read more…]

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