The Journey to Thanksgiving (part3)

I’ve been on this multi-day journey to Thanksgiving. It started when I asked a group of bloggers to share their best post on thankfulness.

In a season of hectic cooking and cleaning, I was hoping for a little breath of fresh air.  What I got was a hurricane.  It’s absolutely changed my heart and renewed my soul.

After the first two days, I wasn’t quite sure what God had in store for me. (You may not believe it, but I’ve listed the blogs in the EXACT order that they were given to me.) 

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The Journey to Thanksgiving (part2)

It started when I asked other bloggers to share their own Thanksgiving stories. It became a journey of gratitude and transformation.

I only made it through five posts yesterday, but those posts changed my heart.

I have to admit that I approached the remaining list of posts shared by fellow bloggers with a mixture of fear, expectation, and awe.

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The Journey to Thanksgiving (part 1)

I wanted to do something a little different for Thanksgiving this year.  I asked a blogging group to share their favorite posts on the subject.

From the very first post that was shared, I knew it was going to be amazing journey of thankfulness, conviction, and heart change.

Exactly what I needed in the frantic cook-and-clean marathon leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

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Being Thankful at Thanksgiving

Yes, I know we are all supposed to be thankful at Thanksgiving. But I’ll be honest. Many years I’m so full of stress, so overwhelmed, and so frazzled that by the time the turkey is carved the very last thing I feel is thankful.

(I still say it’s my favorite holiday. Even if it does stress me out.)

This year, as I begin to finalize our plans for Thanksgiving week, I’m profoundly thankful.  I’m hoping it will stick.

I’m hostessing in-laws and strange dogs.  I’m driving six hours (round trip) to enable family to be at my house. I’m cooking for severe allergies. At first glance, you may think I need to be checked into the crazy farm. But… hear me out.

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A Return to Thankful Thoughts

Way back when, I had a habit of posting Thankful Thoughts each Sunday on the blog.

The original idea was to write those posts in advance and then take Sunday off.  The reality was that the posts were frequently written late on Saturday night or right after church on Sunday’s. They were written under pressure and felt like a disruption. As you can imagine, it was a struggle to find much to be authentically thankful about under those circumstances.

When I dropped the feature, I honestly heaved a big sigh of relief.  That was over a year ago.  [Read more…]

Just… Thoughts

I’m writing to you this morning on my iPhone.

I’m in the lobby of my hotel, waiting to ride home with a group of ladies. Probably not the best setting for blogging… But I’ll give it a try. [Read more…]

Thankful Thoughts – Friendship

I’ve spent some time this afternoon having some thankful thoughts about friendship.

(ok, first i spent some time napping. then pinteresting, THEN thinking.)

It started as we walked into church (late) today.  Someone was sharing scripture.   Psalm 139 to be exact. [Read more…]

An unexpected blessing

Did you ever have a chore that turned out to be an unexpected blessing?

I love it when that happens.

I don’t know why, but it just seems like a gift from God – one that’s all gift wrapped in a pretty package and just waiting for me to open it up.  That’s particularly true when it’s a chore I’ve been procrastinating.

My unexpected blessing was… [Read more…]

Thankful Thoughts – Minecraft

My kids want to share some thankful thoughts about Minecraft.  Since it’s summer, I’m inclined to let them.

I figure this qualifies as a writing assignment.  That means my kids aren’t just sitting around turning into brainless lumps… right?

Minecraft is a video game that has two basic modes.  In creative mode, you build stuff out of virtual blocks.  In survival mode, you fight off the monsters and survive by mining things and crafting them into items you need – like building blocks, better mining tools, and monster fighting equipment.  The graphics are a throw-back to the original Nintendo 8 bit system, so the monsters are generally just a couple of black blocks stacked on top of each other.

Yes…. I’ve written about Minecraft before.

minecraft songs

zombies --- hello....


Why they’re thankful for Minecraft [Read more…]

Thankful Thoughts – Embracing Summer

This week’s thankful thoughts are about embracing summer, but they’re also about nothing.


An entire week of nothing.

With the exception of a single Facebook event, my entire week is blissfully schedule free.  It is the first week I’ve had in 11 months where there is literally nothing written on my calendar.

We may have started summer vacation long before you did, but I feel like we’re just now getting to the good part.  By now, you may have forgotten how much you were looking forward to summer break.  You may be counting down the days until school begins.

As for me, I’m just now embracing summer.

I haven’t always embraced summer. [Read more…]

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