#mkmml Cartoon Turkeys

Yes. My Kids Make Me Laugh. Only, since that’s too long to work as a hashtag, I’m going with #MKMML.

Today, it’s about cartoon turkeys.

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what one was either. Not until my sons explained it. [Read more…]

my kids make me laugh (again) #mkmml

Long ago, I wrote regular feature on Tuesdays called My Kids Make Me Laugh (MKMML). The premise was that taking time to notice the everyday antics of my kids and laugh with them helped me treasure my boys in whatever phase they happened to be in. Beyond that, it was supposed to encourage you to do the same.

You can go look, there’s a whole categories devoted to MKMML posts. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are, quite frankly, not.

When I looked at the awesome ones, it made me wonder what I quit writing them.  Then I looked at the “less than awesome” ones and I remembered. [Read more…]

When kids start cussing

Apparently, all of parenting skills are focused around cussing these days.

As soon as had I dealt with the…um…”butterfly” incident with my older son, my younger son started in about the um… well… the word that starts with “f.”

My precious sweet little innocent cherubic son looks up at me and says “I know the very worst word in the whole world.” [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh: Symmetry

For old time’s sake. It’s Tuesday, it’s another crazy story about my kids. It’s “my kids make me laugh” and today it’s all about symmetry.

My son Watty is in fourth grade. He’s a boy. His sense of humor is the predictable result of all three factors. (Being my kid comes with a certain quirky sense of humor. Trust me.)

Oh.  Before I go any further. This blog post has a few words that might offend your kindergarten teacher while she is in the classroom. It’s nothing I wouldn’t say in front of my pastor’s wife, but you’ve been warned. [Read more…]

Kids ask the strangest questions

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids ask the strangest questions and the most random times.

I have no earthly clue how parents can handle this stuff without Google and their ever present smart phones.

The other day, the boys and I were curled up in bed hiding from the cold.  They were watching some vile cartoon show and I was reading a book while being smothered at the bottom of the dog pile.

During a commercial break, Watty (my fourth grade boy) poked me to get my attention and then asked me [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh – The Philosophy of Towels

See?  I promised I’d share funny stories from my kids even after I ended the weekly feature titled “My Kids Make Me Laugh.”

Recently, my second grade son said something so outrageous I had to stop EVERYTHING to text my husband and share it with him.  It was over towels… and philosophy… and love.

(Because I knew hubby would want to share in the moment, right in the middle of his important business meeting.  I’m thoughtful that way.  Hubby loves my texting habits.) [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh about Grammar

See? It’s Monday and I’m telling you that my kids make me laugh.  I TOLD you there would be changes.  (Yes. Grammar can be funny.)

Watty has started fourth grade this year.  It’s been a big step-up year with more homework, additional subjects, and stricter teachers.  That’s translated into some major drama in our home.

(when possible, i counter their drama with humor.  i’ve been known to applaud and yell “bravo.”)

Recently, the drama was over grammar. [Read more…]

My kids are NOT making me laugh

I have to be honest. My kids are NOT making my laugh today.

Imagine me standing here with my hands on my hips. I’m tapping one foot. I have the “mom face” going.  I’m saying

I am not amused.

Yes. It’s Tuesday. The day I normally post a cute story about how my kids make me laugh. I normally make a statement that my kids make me laugh almost every day.

The key word is almost.  Today is… the other kind of day.

Honestly, it’s all my fault. To quote TobyMac,

I need some time with God and a mental vacation.

Sorry, I’m not much for conversation….

(sorry if that song sticks in your head.  giggle.) [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh – Back To School Style

My kids make me laugh, even as we’re gearing up for back to school.

We’ve got a few traditions that make the tradition easier.  One of those is taking the kids to IHOP for pancakes.

(there’s several other early morning traditions – they help get us back on schedule).

As I was planning out the next two weeks and making sure I get all those traditions covered, I was reminded of last year’s IHOP day. I don’t know what it was, but the kids were amazingly funny that day.

That’s the day my son and I had this long drawn out conversation about body parts.  See that? Right on the IHOP placemat.  Classy.

(if you don’t remember what I was drawing, you really should go look.) [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh – Cartoons

My kids make me laugh, even when we’re more than halfway through the summer and I’m counting days until school starts.  Lately, it’s been their reaction to cartoons.

I confess.  I let my kids watch cartoons for a little longer than the experts might recommend.

I’ve been amazed to hear my kids repeating some of the same conversations that my brother and I had when we were little.  To be honest, it’s made me laugh. [Read more…]

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