Top 10 sassy posts (so far)

Sassy is defined as “lively and bold and full of spirit.”  I’ve been told that sassy looks good on me, and I tend to agree.

In honor of sassy, I’m sharing the sassiest posts from my blog (so far).

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Smart Humor | sarcasm, snark, sassy, snipe

Sarcasm, Snark, Sassy, and Snipe.

I tend to lump them all together in one big bucket without trying to sort out which is which. If I had to put a label on the bucket, I’d come up with something like “things that make me laugh because… smart.”

I think it’s time I unpacked that bucket and look a little closer.

(Quick rewind… I’m trying to reconcile how half the stuff on my blog is of the “I need adult supervision” vein while the other half is in the “listen to this wisdom” vein.  I’m not exactly signing up to be a hot mess. I’m pretty sure God wants me to write and to be an encouragement to other women, but I’m struggling to understand how my sassy mouth fits with in with God’s plan.  In short, is God OK with sassy?)

I decided it was time to hit the dictionary. [Read more…]

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#write31days – Sassy brings me joy

“Is God OK with sassy?”  (That was the burning question I left you with on Friday. Remember?)

Until I could answer the question, I found it hard to even speak.  I didn’t matter how much I LIKE my sassy pants. I didn’t really care if sassy looks good on me or not. I needed to know one thing before I could move on.






It took until today to get up the nerve to even Google my question. I’ve been avoiding praying or searching scriptures on the subject.  Why? Because I’m human. I don’t want to hear “no” and I don’t want to be convicted.

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I’ve always been a writer

When I named my series for the 31 day challenge “For the Love of Writing” it was a deliberate choice. I never even considered naming it “for the love of blogging.”

Writing is about the words.

It’s about making words dance across the page to express the ideas that whirl in my head.  It’s about taking an idea that’s woken me up at 2:30 in the morning and translating it into something a reader can understand well enough to create a shared experience.

It’s about the story. [Read more…]

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I happen to like my sassy pants.

My hair dresser keeps begging me to cut my hair short again.  (It’s currently shoulder blade length and spends 99% of the time in a bun or pony).  When it’s short, she always finishes styling my hair and then hands me the mirror as she says “sassssssy!!!!”

Apparently, sassy looks good on me.

I happen to LIKE my sassy pants. I always have.

When I was four, my mom dressed me in pastel Wrangler jeans with tiny flowers on them. I wish I could find a photo of me in them because, in my mind, THOSE are my sassy pants.

(Yes… sassy pants. They go with bossy britches, yoga pants, and big girl pant(i.e.)s. I told you I should have named this series “something about pants.”)

Whether I call it sassy or snarky or sarcastic, it all boils down to the same thing. [Read more…]

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#write31days – To write is to read

Part of being a good writer is reading the words of others. Not just any words… we’re talking about the good stuff.

If you’ve ever read a book that left you word-drunk at the end, you’ve read the good stuff.

If you’ve ever met a character who stayed with you long after you finish the page, you’ve read the good stuff.

If you’ve ever been so immersed in a story that you cried when it was over, you’ve read the good stuff.

To write is to read.

And so today, I give you the words of others because I need it. [Read more…]

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#write31days – Big Girl Pant(i.e.)s

Sometimes, I need my big girl pant(i.e.)s.

(That’s not a typo. I’m not eager to draw “that” kind of attention from Google. Work with me. I’m already getting traffic from people searching for hot moms in yoga pants. I suspect they’re disappointed with my blog.)

You knew it was coming didn’t you.

I’ve written about how my bossy britches aren’t flattering or authentic.  Since writing DIY and how-to posts makes me sound like Miss Bossy Pants, it seems like a good idea to avoid writing that kind of stuff.

I’ve written about my yoga pants and how they aren’t exactly my best foot forward. They’re great for writing rough drafts when I can be all comfy in the privacy of my own home, but before anything can be seen in public, I need to look a bit more presentable.

(I did say up front that I thought about naming the whole series something about pants. You were warned.)

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When God speaks through an ant, listen.

The photos of this silly ant for today’s post have been sitting on my hard drive for two years. I know that for a fact because they showed up again this week with that silly TimeHop app.

They’re nothing special to look at.

It’s just an ant carrying a green bug twice her size across a picnic table.

But for two years, every time I see the photos, I remember the story behind them and how God used an ant to talk to me as I sat in tears at a picnic table at the edge of the playground while I listened to the distant laughter of my sons. [Read more…]

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#write31days #NaNoPrep I must be crazy

This isn’t my first time taking the #write31days challenge. It’s actually the third time through. I already know that by November 1st, I normally feel drained and wiped out. Even when I was in the habit of posting every single day on my blog, writing on a single topic is HARD.

(That’s particularly true when I keep swapping between those bossy pants and the yoga pants.)

Knowing that, I might need my head examined.

(Oh, sorry about the excessive hashtags in today’s title. I promise tomorrow will be hashtag free.)


I just committed to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short). [Read more…]

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Finding peace with yoga pants.

As you read this, I’m quite possibly wearing yoga pants.

I’ve been struggling with the conflict between “adult me” and “so-not-an-adult me” and how they can live in harmony on the same blog or even fit in the same “writer’s voice.”  I’ve also been struggling with how they could possibly live under the same umbrella of P(EAC)E that I believe is my purpose.

I need adult supervision.

Remember? I put my totally inappropriate thoughts in writing (not all of them). I make a mess out of holidays. I can’t even make biscuits from scratch.

I may need adult supervision from time to time, but I know one thing.

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