Want to know my big secret for potty training?

potty training secrets revealedIf you want to know my big secret for potty training, I’m happy to dish it out.

I’m sharing my big super secret potty training success strategy today over at Mothering From Scratch.

I love their take on motherhood and am always encouraged and challenged by what they share.  If you haven’t discovered Mothering from Scratch yet, I think you’ll love their blog as much as I do!

If you’re wondering what potty training has to do with Finding Joy in Motherhood it’s pretty simple.  Having two potty trained kids brought me joy!  Getting rid of the diaper bill filled me with joy.  Never having to change another poopy diaper filled me with joy.

Partway into potty training…

Eighteen months later, we were still trying.

You name it, we tried it.  In fact, I tried it with BOTH boys.  I did the thing where you feed them lots of salty snacks and unlimited juice.  I tried the potty party.  I tried rewards.  I tried bribes.  I tried prayer.  I even tried begging.

Nothing worked.

Shortly before his fourth birthday, he was finally going peep in the potty on a reliable basis.  He was still insisting on wearing a pull-up so he could go sit ON the potty and poop IN the pull up.

I was desperate.

Imagine my JOY when I discovered my super big potty training secret that actually WORKED!

I would also argue that the moral of the story (you’ll have to go read it) is still a big joy generator for me today.

You can also read a Joy in Motherhood idea in my newsletter today.  It’s about creating “joy triggers” in your home. (that link takes you straight to the newsletter – no subscription required to read it, but i’d love it if you subscribed!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more Joy in Motherhood AND the regular weekly post on how my kids make me laugh.

If you need a practical idea for today, you could always make today a MOMday Monday! (I wish I could!)

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Express Yourself – Find Joy

express yourself - day 5 of 31 days of joy in motherhoodConfession: When I first jotted down the topic “express yourself” as part of the 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood series, I started singing the Madonna song.

(and as I type this, I’m still singing it.  if you feel a need to put on a super pointy bra and dance around with your underwear outside of your yoga pants, i totally am to blame.  sorry.)

(and if that made no sense, go watch the music video on you tube. but be warned… it IS madonna.)

So how does “express yourself” relate to Joy?

This.Is.So.Cool! [Read more…]

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You Can’t Outsource Motherhood.

It’s true – you can’t outsource motherhood!

I always giggle at the annual report where they calculate the replacement value of a stay at home mom (or what her annual salary would be.)

Have you looked at it? According to Salary.com, I should be paid over $112,000 for 2012.

(updated 2014: Salary.com now provides a custom calculator that allows you to customize your mom salary based on location and number of kids. It even lets you print a “paycheck.”)

That’s nice.

Can someone send me a check? [Read more…]

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Hey – Get off the internet and go play with your kids!

It may sound bossy, but I mean it – go play with your kids!

(if you are keeping count, this is day 3 of the finding joy in motherhood 31 day series.)

I promise you will get more JOY out of playing whole-heartedly with your kids than you will EVER get by reading my blog.

Still here?

I assume that means your kids are asleep or in school.

Because if they are awake and nearby, I was serious.

[Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Turkey(s)

My kids make me laugh every single day (when I take time to appreciate them).

I’m convinced that these kind of silly conversations are taking place in YOUR house every day (just like mine.)  But I had to learn to listen for them.

I can promise you – my kids did not walk up and say

Mommy, grab a pencil and paper – we have something funny for your blog.

That would be too easy.

Instead, the little treasures happen at the most inopportune moments. I HAVE to have an ear open for them at all times. (and sadly, there’s no telling how many stories i’ve missed by being too busy or too distracted.)

And that’s the key… [Read more…]

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So What is Joy Anyway?

so what is joy anywaySo what is Joy anyway? Why do I want it? How do I get it?

If I’m writing 31 posts on Finding Joy in Motherhood (and I am), then I’d better explain what I mean by “joy.”

This is the post I’ve been drafting and re-drafting since July.

(that’s three months of dithering, ugh. i pinned a lot of word art on the subjects of happiness and joy during that time.)

I even wrote about what happiness means to me.

Why was this hard to write? [Read more…]

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31 Days of Joy in Motherhood – Day 1

31 Days of Joy in Motherhood – The Series

(If you are new to my blog, you might want to check out my About Me page.  It has a ton of ways to follow my blog and it tells you who I am.  There’s also follow options on the top right corner.  See?)

The list of all 31 days can be found HERE.

[Read more…]

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Learning From Your Children

learning from your childrenToday, I’m asking if you are learning from your children… and if so, what have you learned?

This fits into our 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood series under the broad concept of seeing our chldren as treasures like we talked about in the Prospect of Joy post.

(as a quick flash back – one definition of joy includes “the prospect of having what one desires.”  prospect… old prospector out searching for gold… children as treasures.) 

One of the most profound questions I ever heard at a MOPS meeting was

[Read more…]

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Thankfulness Brings Joy

thankfulness brings joySo… I was working on the artwork for this post, the one that says “Thankfulness Brings Joy” and I got the strangest look from the family.

Thankfulness = Thanksgiving = Pilgrims

Joy =  Christmas = Santa.

They were trying to figure out how the Pilgrims brought Santa to America.

(See, my kids make me laugh every day.) [Read more…]

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Joy is a choice we make

Joy is a choice we make.

The uncomfortable flip side of that is that we can also choose “un-joy” – sadness, discontent, unhappiness, bleh-ness, and whatever other term you want to use for the days when there is no joy.

(Depression is, arguably, a different animal.  When the brain chemicals get messed up, it’s hard to set things straight.  I’m not talking about THAT kind of un-joy.)

The more I’ve written about joy and the further I go into the 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood, the more I’m convinced of this basic truth.

[Read more…]

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