Joy in Perspective and Maturity

31 days of joy in motherhoodI wanted to post on Joy today, and I am.

But it’s not exactly the post I had planned to write.  In many ways, it’s better.

I’ve had an interesting 24 hours and have walked away with a fresh insight.

It’s all about perspective and maturity. [Read more…]

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Joy in Friendship

Joy in friendship seems like such an obvious thing.

We have friends, we like to be with them, that makes us happy.  Done.

But… it’s not that easy, is it?

When I became a stay at home mom, I had to build my friendship network from scratch. I made some mistakes along the way, but I learned some great lessons on friendship. [Read more…]

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12 Simple Ideas for Well-Being

As I laid out on Day 2 of 31 days of Joy in Motherhood, our well-being plays a role in our ability to experience joy.

I’ve tried to write this post several times already, but ended up deleting my efforts.

12 simple ideas for well-being from

Be thankful I waited!

The first one was preachy.  The second one was filled with bad puns (well-being and being well and how well is your being… and beans). Then I wrote a big confessional about all the ways I’m not taking care of myself.  Boring!

In the process, I’ve figured out what I really really really really want to say about this. [Read more…]

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Joy is a choice we make

Joy is a choice we make.

The uncomfortable flip side of that is that we can also choose “un-joy” – sadness, discontent, unhappiness, bleh-ness, and whatever other term you want to use for the days when there is no joy.

(Depression is, arguably, a different animal.  When the brain chemicals get messed up, it’s hard to set things straight.  I’m not talking about THAT kind of un-joy.)

The more I’ve written about joy and the further I go into the 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood, the more I’m convinced of this basic truth.

[Read more…]

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