Chocolate Caramels for your Soul

chocolate caramels for your soul

Last week, I shared a challenge to give Grace as freely as we give candy for Halloween.  I also revealed my deep dark love of chocolate caramel.  So it seems only logical that I offer you some chocolate caramels for your soul.

In my world, dark chocolate caramel sea salted supremes are better than chicken soup. [Read more…]

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Even MORE resources on anger and yelling for moms.

great books for moms on anger and yelling

For a subject as big and broad as anger and yelling and moms, I realize you may need to dig a little deeper than a simple blog series.

I did.

As I prepared for this series and written each post, I’ve been reading a LOT.

I’ve already shared some great resources from other bloggers on the subject of anger and yelling.   

Now it’s time to talk books. [Read more…]

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Pain makes me angry

pain makes me angry

I don’t know how to put this any more clearly.  Pain makes me angry.

I’ve been living with chronic knee pain since last April, but in the past few weeks, I’ve gone from mild discomfort (think thong underwear when it’s a bit too intimate) to blinding mind numbing pain (think walking barefoot on Legos, only worse).  At this point, my entire family is counting down the hours until my surgery next week.

We’ve all come to the same exact conclusion. [Read more…]

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10 Things that Make Me Mad

10 things that make me mad

Why am I listing 10 things that make me mad in a middle of a series on managing my anger?


(Hold on, I’ll get there.) [Read more…]

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