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It’s the 31st day of a 31 day series on the love of writing. I kind of need to wrap this up and tie a bow around it. I started this series with no clear idea of where it was going. Imagine my shock when I realized it was, once again, all about peace.

Last year, as I wrapped up my 31 day series on ANGER, I wrote

it was all about peace after all.

This year, as I’ve blathered on about pants, it’s still true. It’s still all about peace.

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3 Lessons | Wardrobe Malfunctions

If finding my writing voice is about as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans (and as life changing), then somewhere in the world of writing and blogging, there has to be the equivalent of a wardrobe malfunction.

There is. I’ve done some thinking. I’d like to share three lessons every writer can learn from wardrobe malfunctions.

Before anything else, let’s get one thing straight –

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My Writing Pants

Way back on day one of this 31 day series for the love of writing, I told you that I almost named the series “something about pants.”

The title needs work.  Perhaps…

Write from the heart, a kick in the pants.

Just write: finding the best “fit” for your writing voice.

Words that fit.

Nope. Still needs work. I’m better at puns than I am at titles. Please don’t let my horrible titles make you miss the point, because it’s a good one.

Finding your voice as a writer is all about finding the right pair of pants.

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We Are All Hot Messes *

Last Wednesday in my ladies bible study, one of the other women casually dropped a bomb in my world.  She probably didn’t even know it wrecked me. But it did.  She said, quite simply,

when you get right down to it, we’re all hot messes.

That was it. It was in the context of a bigger discussion on housekeeping and kids and never ever feeling like we can get it all done or live up to the magazine cover perfection the world says we need to live up to. It was in the context of happily choosing to play with our children or read just one more book to a sleepy child instead of making sure the dishes are always done and the floors always vacuumed.

She was right, but I kept wanting there to be an asterisk at the end of that statement.  You know, the one that reads

*except for ME

If we’re all just hot messes, then that means I’m a hot mess too. And if I’m a hot mess then I can’t be perfect. And if I’m not perfect then… I’m a mess… and I’m vulnerable… and you might not like my mess. [Read more…]

You Are a Writer

This weekend, I devoured Jeff Goins’ new book titled You Are A Writer.  It’s been sitting on my Kindle for a few weeks and I’d kind of forgotten about it.

It was just what I needed. [Read more…]

#write31days | Legacy

Friday night, I came face to face with a writer’s worst nightmare (at least one of mine). I ran out of room on my hard drive.  I had less than 2 gig of free space and Apple kept pestering me to upgrade stuff.  Eeek!

Suddenly, not only was there no room for new words, I was at risk of losing all the existing ones. As I watched the spinning beach ball float endlessly, holding my breath that my beloved laptop would boot one more time, I faced my fears.

What if the only words I have left are the ones I’ve already published?

What if all the unpublished, half finished works suddenly disappear? What if I never was able to publish another thing? What if I never get back on the internet again?

(Ignore the drama. My fears spin out of control about as fast as that stupid beach ball does.) [Read more…]

#write31days – In praise of denim

Hear me out. Denim and writing go together.  And yes… it’s time for a new pair of pants.  I told you at the start of the series that I almost named it “something about pants.” You were warned.

Day one is also when I said…

“day one” is weird.  It feels like wearing brand new never washed jeans. Every worn-out, broken in, soft-and-comfy habit started out new and stiff and uncomfortably weird.

All month long, I’ve been talking about pants and how they relate to writing.

  • I don’t look good in bossy britches – they are neither authentic nor flattering.
  • I can’t live my life in yoga pants and walk around being a hot mess all the time.  Those things reveal every single cookie I ate last week.
  • I look good in my sassy pants, but I can’t wear them all the time either.

It’s time for denim.

I don’t know about you, but denim features prominently in my wardrobe. It’s the real workhorse in my closet.

When in doubt… denim. [Read more…]

#write31days — Beyond Sassy

OK, I’m ready to move beyond sassy.  Last week, I was struggling with a tough question. Is God ok with sassy?

I’ve come to believe that the answer is a qualified “yes.”  Clearly, there are limits. I’d be happy to explain them over a cup of coffee. Maybe two. But since I can’t do that, I drew some pictures. I know that God is ok with some kinds of sassy…

…But God didn’t call me to just write sass.

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How to Be an Efficient Blogger (or writer)

With over 1,000 posts to my name, I’ve learned a thing or two about the most efficient way to get content onto my blog and the importance of being an efficient blogger and writer.

(Honestly, I may not always follow the efficient path.  Sometimes it just isn’t feasible.  I will tell you that when I do follow the process, I can tell the difference in the quality of my writing. So can my readers.)

This takes a little planning and discipline, but it is totally worth it.

(Don’t miss the * at the bottom of this post.) 

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The Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

After celebrating my sassy side yesterday, I wanted to celebrate the other half of my writing today by sharing some of my favorite posts, the ones that contain the best advice I’ve ever given.

It’s a mixed bag of stories, lists, and encouragement. They have one common thread between them. My life was better when I figured “it” out… and I’m pretty convinced yours will be too.

(For those who are following along with my 31Day series on the Love of Writing… no, I’m not avoiding writing. Honest. I promise I’m not avoiding writing something hard. It’s totally not a stalling technique because I can’t figure out the next part of the series. Honest.)

(okay… maybe it is.) [Read more…]

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