31 days of Anger may seem an unlikely follow up for last year's 31 days of Joy. But... it's the perfect starting point to find peace in unlikely places.

Days of Anger – Finding Peace in Unlikely Places

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As I write the series on anger, I’ll be indexing it here for your convenience.

The series is based on Psalm 37:8

psalm 37 8Stop being angry!

Turn from your rage!

Do not lose your temper –

it only leads to harm.

It’s about the journey away from anger.  The journey to finding good things in unexpected places.  I’d love for you to join me.

31 days of anger

why my family keeps a yelling journal

In preparation for the series, I started a yelling journal a few weeks back.

It has been an incredibly useful tool for my family.  I’ve even begun to share some of the lessons on yelling I’m learning in blog posts.

I would encourage you to consider starting something similar for your family.  If you don’t struggle with yelling, there is some other way that you are expressing your anger that you can journal.

True story:  I yelled at my son yesterday and he looked at me and told me to write it down in my journal.

31 Days of Anger Index

Before the Anger Series:

I’m yelling because…. (the yelling journal)

Eggs with a side of yelling (what I’m learning by keeping a yelling journal)

Finding Peace in Unlikely Places (the story behind why I’m writing this series)

31 Days of Anger Series:

Day 1 – The Beginning

Day 2 – But I’m NOT an angry woman! (I may have yelled that really loud just before I slammed a door.)

Day 3- Is it ever OK to yell?  (Hint: Yes!)

Day 4 – There is no angry way to say bubbles.  (Why I spew sugar and sweetness instead of spice and anger.)

Day 5 – The art of the mommy time out. (aka why I need to pee when I’m angry)

Day 6 – What is there to be angry about anyway? (make a list of little angries)

Day 7 – Lessons from the angry list – First (angry) things First.  (Low Hanging Fruit)

Day 8 – Lessons from the angry list – (Angry) weeds.  How reaping what we sow isn’t always fun.

Day 9 – Lessons from the angry list – How anger leads to thankfulness. (I’m so thankful that it does.)

Day 10 – Lessons from the angry list – How goals make me angry.  (They don’t, but I get frustrated when I hit barriers.  How quality goals make a difference.)

Day 11 – I need margin.

Day 12 – Why I miss Little Bear (and why it made me a better mom to preschool kids)

Day 13 – Anger can be OK.

Day 14 – How yelling like popping a zit (Pressure, explosion, mess, and regret)

Day 15 – The Funny Side of Anger (A lighter look at the crazy ways I can go from a temper tantrum to a fit of giggles.)

Day 16 – The Volume Knob (Learned from my yelling journal.  Volume control isn’t just for televisions.)

Day 17 – 22 Resources from around the web (Blogs, posts, and series)

Day 18 – Blessings (Lessons from my yelling journal.  The day I realized we were all complaining about blessings.)

Day 19 – But it’s all just yelling.  Yelling with my actions.

Day 20 – Grace, Like candy.  (Oh my word, this had me in puddles as I wrote it.)

Day 21 – But… yelling works so well! (The hidden cost of anger.)

Day 22- Down to my frazzled last nerve.

Day 23 – Four little words that can change everything. 

Day 24 – 10 things that make me mad. 

Day 25 – Pain makes me angry. (The importance of self care, even when it isn’t convenient.)

Day 26 –  More resources for mommas (books you may want to read)

Day 27 –  Chocolate Caramels for your Soul (scripture and prayer for when you struggle)

Day 28 – Priorities, interruptions, and the juggling act.  (guest post)

Day 29 – Taming your tantrum (three ideas to manage your monster moments)

Day 30 – A farewell to anger? (series wrap up – for now)

Day 31 – It was about peace after all.


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