31 Days of Anger – Finding Peace in Unlikely Places

Sometime this evening, I’ll be joining in the biggest blog linkup I can find.  It’s the 31-Day blog challenge hosted by The Nesting Place.  It’s my second time to do so.  This year, I’m writing about ANGER.

Last year, I wrote for 31 days straight on the idea of JOY.  Specifically about finding joy in everyday motherhood.

By the last day, I was sick of the word joy.

Two weeks later, I was already pondering what I would write as a follow on series.  I figured it would be another spiritual fruit  – the whole love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, peace, and self-control thing.   Sweet, there’s October planned out for the next eight years or so.

Except… it didn’t feel right.  Ever.

Except… I guest posted several times this summer for a fabulous series on the fruits of the spirit.  It was all I could do to write those three posts.  One post on kindness wiped out everything I had to say on the subject.   There’s no way I could do an entire month on the subject.

So in early September I went back to square one.  I grabbed my brainstorm list from last year and added another thirty bad ideas to it.  I blogged about it, because we all KNOW that blogging a how to is the best way to figure it out for ourselves.  (I wish I could put that last part in my sarcastic font.)

I prayed about it.

I trolled Pinterest and the blogosphere for good ideas.

In desperation, I asked my husband.

He suggested that I write about anger.

At first, I was horrified.

Strike that.  First I was offended.  Then I was horrified.

If I did that, everyone would think I have some kind of anger issue.

If people think of me as angry that pretty much wipes out eighteen months of writing as This HAPPY Mom.

What if I lose followers over it?

What if my friends find out?

Then I was a bit scared.

As I shared already

If I had written about staying on budget, I’m certain we would have had an unexpected repair.  If I’d written about vegetarianism, I would have ended up at the all-bacon-buffet with no options.  But I wrote about Joy.  I battled depression.

I know what I put my family through when I wrote about Joy.  I can only imagine what writing about Anger will do.

So I prayed some more.

I trolled Pinterest.

I Googled.

I jotted down a few topic ideas.

I played with a few graphics.


Picture me as a reluctant writer.  This is may not be the happy stuff I like to write.  I don’t get to showcase my sarcasm or wit or love of puns.  I don’t get to make you laugh.  I don’t get to share recipes that (hopefully) go viral on Pinterest.

Picture me as the obedient writer.  I prayed hard.  I proposed plan B… and plan C.  But ultimately, I realized that this is what I’m supposed to write for the month.

Picture me as a fellow explorer, a companion on the journey.  I am.

I’m keeping a Yelling Journal.

I’m sharing what I learn about yelling.


I’ve written a dozen posts on the subject so far.  I can promise it’s not an entire month of me being ticked of and venting.  It’s not 31 posts of me kvetching about my kids.

It’s a journey of finding good stuff in unlikely places.

31 days of anger

It’s about finding PEACE in unlikely places.

Join me.  The whole series will be indexed on a single page for your convenience.  You can find it on my menu using the word ANGER.

If you haven’t done so already, consider starting a yelling journal of your own.  (In the unlikely event that yelling isn’t how you express your anger, you can journal about your angry shopping habit too.)

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  1. This should definitely be an interesting series for sure. I look forward to seeing what you write. I feel I will gain a lot from this journey with you.

    • Crystal, I welcome your company on the journey! I woke up this morning filled with nervous anticipation about this series. Even though I’ve already written a dozen posts for it, I almost chickened out.

  2. I’m intrigued and not one bit angry about your choice. You did though scare me a bit as I had to check out my calendar thinking I was already behind on my posting!

    • Jean, since The Nester is going to post her link later tonight, I decided to go ahead and post. It gives me something to link to. I was also just… ready. If I didn’t post this I don’t know what else I would post about.

      I’m eager to see what you’ll be writing about. It’s always fun to see what other blogs take on as a challenge.

  3. I think your “Anger” series will be very interesting and enlightening. I give you a lot of credit for a) committing to blog for 31 days on the same subject and b) choosing such a non-traditional path. I’m very anxious to follow along on your journey – from the comfort of my two or three posts per week lazy person’s couch.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m eager to see where the journey ends.

      Writing for 31 days straight is hard even when you can have a variety of topics. Doing an entire month on a single idea is a challenge. Last year it stretched me and made me a much better writer. I dug deeper into the subject, well past my original comfort zone.

      I double dog dare you to join us next year.

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