Changes (i owe you awesome)

If you’re a long-time friend, you’ve likely noticed a few changes on my blog over the past six weeks.  I’m not done, but I wanted to give you an idea of where I’ve come from and where I’m heading.

No matter if you’re a long-time friend, a brand new one, a casual acquaintance, or a total stranger, I want you to know

I owe you awesome.

i owe you awesome

Two months ago (just before the 31 days for the love of writing series), I honestly wasn’t sure what direction to take my writing. I wasn’t even certain that I could continue blogging.

I wan’t awesome.

If you read that 31 day series, it’s obvious that I entered the series lost, confused, frustrated, and rather uncommitted. The posts I shared in October were raw and real (and sometimes rather poorly written), but they didn’t even begin to reflect the hours I spent agonizing over all things blog.

It was worth it.

Mixed in with all the agonizing, brainstorming, self doubt, and mess of my October series was one clear idea.

I want to be awesome.

Six weeks ago (at the end of the 31 day series), I started the rather lengthy process of launching what I’ve thought of as “project awesome.” Some of the changes (a new color scheme and new fonts) were hard to miss.  Some other changes (returning to pre-written and pre-planned posts) weren’t so obvious.

I’m making a lot of changes.

Whether they’re fully implemented, in progress, or still on my list, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of the journey ahead.

First, I launched a series of posts to clarify the refined focus and purpose of my blog.

It’s been hard to miss, but in case you did:

P is for Passion

E is for Encouragement

A is for Authenticity

C is for Character

E is for Excellence

In addition to the weekly post, I’ve launched a corresponding board on Pinterest. I’m laying the foundation for what will become the core of my blog. These are the topics that I can (and will) write about over and over and over again.

Secondly, I began the process of making it easier to navigate my blog.

I knew it was bad when I couldn’t even find a specific post on my own blog.

What you probably noticed: new menu options on the top of the page (Passion, Encouragement, Authenticity, Character, and Excellence + seasonal pages and recipes)

What you can’t see: I’m wading through over 750 posts on my blog and assigning them new (more logical) categories.

What makes it hard: Some of those posts just aren’t worth reading. They’re quietly being boxed up for long term storage.  I have no idea what the final numbers will be, but I’d rather have half as many posts that are twice as awesome.

The good news is that I’m rediscovering some older posts that really do deserve to be read again. Those are getting prettied up with new graphics and shared just as quickly as I can get to them.

Thirdly, I’ve working on being social.

I still stink at Twitter. But I’m at least trying.

Facebook is a mystery, but at least I like hanging out there.

I’ve been posting to Instagram more days than not.

I still love Pinterest.

I’ve overhauled the commenting “thing” on my blog to make it easier to continue the conversation because I WANT to know what’s on your heart.

I have yet to figure out Google+, much less anything else.

I’m not done.

I don’t know if it shows, but I’ve fallen in love with the new “me”

When I pull up my blog and see the pretty teal blue color and swirly girly font, my heart sings.  When I put the tiny colored dot on the “i” of my logo, it makes me smile. When I see how old content fits neatly into my new categories, I swoon.

I’m well on my way to having posts scheduled through APRIL of next year.

I wake up in the morning with new words and this drive to share them. I can’t sleep at night for the desire to encourage other moms and help them discover the joy and peace that is hidden in motherhood.

I hope it never ends.

I’m pushing myself.

Hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary recently. He gave me an amazing gift of (rather expensive) blog training. If that doesn’t give you tingles, try looking at this way.  He gave me the gift of believing in me and my vision.

He blew fresh wind beneath my wings.

I still like to laugh and write funny stuff.

Trust me, I’m not done being sassy. I’m not done torturing you with egg puns. I’m not done laughing at my reactions to my kids or sharing my frustrations with my husband’s tendencies to over-engineer everything.

I’ve made certain to create a space for “that” kind of content.

I’ve still got a long list of things to do.

I need to re-write my “about” page. I need create a page for new users to bring everything together. I need to re-launch my newsletter. I need to master Google+.  I’ve still got to figure out a new tagline. I’ve got about a three pages of things that I want to fix or change or “awesomize.”

I’m not going to stop until it’s all awesome.

Why? Because you’re worth it.

You deserve awesome.

But for now… thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for waiting patiently while I figured things out. Thank you for cheering me on. Thank you for every click, every share, every like, every pin, every tweet, and every plus.  They’ve all mattered to me. Thank you.

Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
Susan Baker
Susan Baker

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  1. You ARE awesome – and I love this post about how you are getting there and – so jealous that you have posts planned out to April!!!!!!! I keep looking at mine, then see others; and I know mine needs to be fine-tuned as well…I just don’t have that much of a following…I do Facebook and Pinterest (sometimes, although I am finding a lot of quotes and pictures and things I can use on my posts)…I don’t know what google+ is or does either…I am a new blogger, and don’t have that much of a following; and few comments. But it “feels good” to get something written that may have been on my mind; and I LOVE the “prompted posts” like Five Minute Friday or Tuesday @ Ten, and the Blogmas 2014 has been so much fun…since I LOVE to write, it has all given me that opportunity to do so. Thank you for sharing this “list” of your work on your “AWESOME” blog!!

    • Barbara, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. It made my morning.

      To quote Jon Acuff “never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

      You are well on your way to awesome. It just takes time. Remember that I’ve been at this for over 3 years. If you dig deep enough in my archives, you’ll find that the first 6-12 months of my blog were spent writing Menu Monday, My Kids Make Me Laugh Tuesday, Five Minute Friday, Thankful Thoughts on Sunday. I filled in the rest with random content. Following that kind of schedule is a great way to build community and get lots of practice writing.

      Friend, if I wrote everything I wanted to say to you this morning, it would be an epic blog post. So I tell you what – I’ll write it, but I’ll post it early next week.

  2. Love the new look.

    I feel your pain with social media. I do good enough with some of it but Google+ is just a mystery to me.

    Good luck with your new direction. I’ll look forward to seeing future awesomeness.

    • Social Media would suck every minute of every day out of me if I let it. I struggle to keep it limited to a reasonable amount of time and I just can’t “do” them all. I don’t think any one person can. If I ever figure out Google+ I’ll let you know.

  3. The blog training that your husband got for you – is that an online thing or a local thing in your area? I feel like I desperately need a revamping much like that you are undergoing (and doing a phenomenal job at, I might add).

    • Mo – it’s online and self paced. It’s the Elite Blog Academy from Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less. She will offer another session in the spring and I’ll be sure to let you know when registration is opening!

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