James 4:8 – Draw Near to God

I recently was reading a passage in the book of James and lingered on

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. (James 4:8a)

When I first read the verse, it brought a very clear memory into view.

James 4 8 header

Draw Near to God

It was the first day of Kindergarten for one of my boys. At the time, we were at a private Christian school (we now homeschool). After the parents had taken photos and said our last goodbyes, we were all gently asked to leave.

I lingered at the door.


When the class started their day in prayer, I was able to witness as my child bowed his head.

child praying

It’s a precious memory.

No adult had to push his little head down. I wasn’t there to remind him to close his eyes or place a quiet hand on his shoulder. He simply bowed his head and prayed when prompted.

It’s only in retrospect that the memory is tarnished with momma pride or comparison.  In that shining moment when my son first bowed his head, I was struck with awe at the holiness of it all. I was filled with wonder just seeing him talk to God.

Since then, I’ve watched with increasing delight as he has drawn nearer to God.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you James 4 8


It’s easy to get busy. It’s easy to have so much on my plate that I forget to bow my own head. It’s all to easy to forget to draw near to God.

As I stared at that sweet photo of my son praying and relived the moment, I realized I want MORE of it. I want more of drawing near to God and less of the busy. I want more of the head bowed in prayer and less of the hands grasping for more.

Not just for me, but for my family.

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  1. Beautiful, Susan! Love the verse from James and the willingness and faith of a little child. Recently, my daughter prayed for me on the phone the night before I was to have some “minor” outpatient surgery. When she finished, my 3 1/2 yr old grandson wanted to pray for me also…his “God, help the doctors make memaw feel better; in Jesus name. Amen” really made me tear up knowing his little innocence and complete faith was shared by his parents. Thank you for sharing yours!

    • Aw… I love the prayers from littles. They are always so sweet (and sometimes quite funny).

      Hope you’ve recovered from “minor” surgery and are back to full speed!

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