#mkmml Cartoon Turkeys

Yes. My Kids Make Me Laugh. Only, since that’s too long to work as a hashtag, I’m going with #MKMML.

Today, it’s about cartoon turkeys.

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what one was either. Not until my sons explained it.

Cartoon Turkeys

cartoon turkeys

It was two years ago (the year of the epic “light the grill with a spaghetti noodle” and “drop the glass container of raw toxic turkey juice on the floor” fame.)  I had spent a long and horrible day smoking not one but TWO turkeys to take to the teacher appreciation Thanksgiving luncheon at school.

It was early November, but after that day I was pretty much DONE with turkeys for the year. I seriously contemplated becoming a vegetarian just to avoid more turkey madness that year.  Then I remembered about bacon. Vegetarians don’t get to eat bacon.

The next morning, I was getting ready to carve the turkeys for school as my boys tumbled down the stairs for breakfast.

First son: Awesome! Check it out! Mom made cartoon turkeys.

Second son: No way!

I have to admit, I didn’t share their enthusiasm. My house stunk of smoked turkey. My hair reeked of smoked turkey. I was up to THERE with anything remotely turkey related.

Me: What exactly is a cartoon turkey?

First son: You know… it’s brown and round with two legs sticking out.

You can imagine my reaction.  What? I just…. What?  I don’t even….

Then I started thinking about cartoons.

See it?

disney cartoon turkey

Kind of round and brown with two legs sticking out. Just like my son said.  In case you don’t get the whole “cartoon turkey” thing, they were excited because my Turkeys looked like this:

perfect thanksgiving turkey

Perfect Pinterest Turkeys.

(That’s part of the fancy layout currently featured by Pinterest Inc for their special Thanksgiving page.)

As soon as I understood what my sons were excited about, I started laughing.

My sons were proud and excited that their mommy had made perfect turkeys to share with their teachers.  They wanted to pose and have their pictures taken with the turkeys so they could show their friends.


And then, like magic, all the ugly anti-turkey thoughts faded away.

I remembered what the whole thing was about.  All the hard work was to say “thank you” to an amazing group of teachers and staff. It wasn’t to impress committee chairman. It wasn’t to win bragging rights in car line. It was to give the gift of gratitude.

Fast forward through two years of stress and craziness and the ups and downs of life.

I’m still laughing about “cartoon turkeys.”

More importantly,  I continue to remember the real reason I roast turkeys in the first place.

In the hustle of this busy season, don’t forget to let your kids make you laugh.

Looking for more Thanksgiving goodness?  Check out my Thanksgiving page

Thanksgiving header.

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  1. Oh man…I needed this laugh! I am trying to complete our first real turkey Thanksgiving’s this year. We have no family in the area and with three young kids, I thought I needed to try cooking the bird myself. Your post helped me look past the chaos and remember why it is that I’m trying to do different. Thank you friend!

  2. My sons make me laugh too. They did when they were young, and now as young adults. Life is fun with sons!

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