Being Thankful at Thanksgiving

Yes, I know we are all supposed to be thankful at Thanksgiving. But I’ll be honest. Many years I’m so full of stress, so overwhelmed, and so frazzled that by the time the turkey is carved the very last thing I feel is thankful.

(I still say it’s my favorite holiday. Even if it does stress me out.)

This year, as I begin to finalize our plans for Thanksgiving week, I’m profoundly thankful.  I’m hoping it will stick.

I’m hostessing in-laws and strange dogs.  I’m driving six hours (round trip) to enable family to be at my house. I’m cooking for severe allergies. At first glance, you may think I need to be checked into the crazy farm. But… hear me out.

thankful at thanksgiving

I am so thankful I can’t even stand it.

For many years, I would find myself frantically cleaning and decluttering before having guests.  Not this year. All I need is the normal weekly cleaning and a swift table clearing to transition from homeschool to dinner table.

I’m so thankful I’m living in victory over my house.

It’s not perfect. There are no holiday decorations. I’ve never managed to get that kitchen backsplash installed. But it’s good enough. I’m not ashamed of how we live.

Give thanks in all circumstances. 1 Thessalonians 5 18a

In years past, I’ve worn myself ragged worrying about what to feed everyone. Making the full list of traditional Thanksgiving dishes is a daunting task under any circumstances. When everything has to be made from scratch, it can become overwhelming.

We’ve been married 15 years (almost). I’ve had a ton of practice cooking around my MIL’s food allergies and watching what everyone’s favorite dishes are.

I’m so thankful no one likes dressing.

None of us like the stuff. Somewhere along the way I quit making it and no one complained.

There have been years when I’ve resented playing hostess, resented accommodating “his” family, resented the disruption and discomfort and disharmony.

I’m so thankful for wise women.

I still remember the gentle correction. She reminded me that when we married, it stopped being “his” family and started being “ours.” With a heart check and some tearful confessions, the resentment stopped. I’m actually excited to share our home with family this year.

I’m excited to share our blessings with others. I’m excited for my sons to spend time with extended family. I’m excited to think I might be able to slip out to the grocery store without dragging the kids along.

some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns i am thankful that thorns have roses

I’m even looking forward to the strange dogs. If that’s what it takes to help families come together then what’s a little dog sitting between friends?

Yes, I’m even thankful for the six hour road trip. My boys won’t be in the car. I’ll be honest. This homeschool momma is looking forward to three blissful hours of uninterrupted silence.

It’s going to be an awesome Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for that.

What part of Thanksgiving are you looking forward to? Anything special?

This post is a return to Thankful Thoughts after a long hiatus. 🙂

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Thanksgiving header.

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