what you may have missed last month

I spent October doing the #write31days challenge, I didn’t share much of what was going on with my personal life.  Since I think of y’all as my friends, I thought I’d share a little of what you may have missed last month.

Not the boring parts. This is just the good stuff.  Honest.  I culled through all the snarky text messages, boring Facebook status updates, and random notes in the margin on my calendar to come up with the juicest, sassiest tidbits I could come up with.

what you may have missed last month

what you may have missed last month

Think of it as a sneak peak at my personal Facebook wall without the boring parts.

#10 My kids think I spend too much time at the grocery store.

In point of fact, we were headed to Target to return an outfit that didn’t fit. While I was there I stocked up on applesauce in the “single serve” containers.

My kids think I spend too much time at the grocery store.

#9 I signed up for #nanowrimo.  So did the kids.

Nanowrimo.  National Novel Writing Month.  30 short days to crank out a 50,000 word first draft. The boys each have a substantially lower word count.

Mine is about an attack of zombie dinosaurs in a pink glitter filled world.  My boys are writing about dragons and pirates.

I signed up to #nanowrimo

#8 I shared some serious #TBT cuteness.  

I can’t decide who was cuter. My husband or my baby.   Yes, that’s Mr Picky.

some serious #TBT cuteness

#7 I threw out all the Halloween candy.

No worries. It was a year old, at least. There wasn’t anything good left. Honest.

halloween candy is evil

#6 I updated my profile pic for the first time in ages.  See? I’ve grown my hair out.

This was Halloween. I may or may not have been in costume.

look, a new profile pic

#5 My kids found the photo booth app on the iPad. 

It took them long enough to find it.  This wasn’t the scariest photo they made, but it was the least embarrassing of the bunch.

my kids found the photo booth app on the iPad

#4 I cleaned out my emails.

I started with over 4500 unread messages. It was a big deal.

i cleaned out my emails

#3 I saw a hot air balloon. 

That’s kind of rare in Houston.

hot air balloon in houston

#2 My kids started eating me out of house and home.

They go through applesauce, milk, large containers of yogurt, and cheerios like you would not believe. I can’t hold a week’s worth in the fridge.

my kids eat too much

#1 People found my blog with weird search terms.

I have no idea what they were looking for, but I suspect they were disappointed with my blog.

search terms that confuse me

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