why i love ultimate bundles

I love Ultimate Bundles. Finding out what’s in each bundle (and what all the bonus offers are) is almost like Christmas for me.

You may have missed the Ultimate Christian Bundle, but there’s no excuse to miss the next sale. The Healthy Living Bundle, Homeschooling Bundle, and DIY Bundle sales are only a few months away.

Y’all. I love these bundle sales.  I’ve bought several of them and there is ALWAYS something amazing in them.

(Just to let you know, I love them so much that I’ve joined as an affiliate partner. But even if I wasn’t a partner, I’d be loving this bundle.)

Here’s my top five reasons why I LOVE these bundles:

why i love the ultimate christian living bundle

5 Reasons to LOVE Ultimate Bundles

5. I save a bundle on the bundle.  I did a quick calculation of the books and bonuses I know I’d try anyway.  It was well over $100 just on the things that are in my Amazon wish list right this minute.  Since that’s way more than the full cost of an Ultimate Bundle, I’m saving a ton.

4. I make new “friends.” There are so many awesome blogs out there and there’s no way I can read them all. Trust me, I’ve tried. Every single one of these bundles includes ebooks from blogs I’ve never even heard of. Invariably, I become obsessed and develop a “blog-crush” one one or two of them.

3. I catch up with old “friends.” Even for the bloggers I follow, I haven’t always had the time to read their whole backstory. I love reading their work in a different format and getting a really good sense of who they are.

2. Emergency preparedness. When I first realized I was going to be homeschooling this year, I quickly scanned my files to see how many ebooks from past Ultimate Bundles I had on the subject. It was a great way to jump start all my research.

1. Their affiliate program rocks. As an affiliate, I earn over $15 for each bundle sold through my site. They even have a tiered program where I earn a small amount from any blogger who signs up under my link.

Click here for more info.

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundles.

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