#write31days – In praise of denim

Hear me out. Denim and writing go together.  And yes… it’s time for a new pair of pants.  I told you at the start of the series that I almost named it “something about pants.” You were warned.

Day one is also when I said…

“day one” is weird.  It feels like wearing brand new never washed jeans. Every worn-out, broken in, soft-and-comfy habit started out new and stiff and uncomfortably weird.

All month long, I’ve been talking about pants and how they relate to writing.

  • I don’t look good in bossy britches – they are neither authentic nor flattering.
  • I can’t live my life in yoga pants and walk around being a hot mess all the time.  Those things reveal every single cookie I ate last week.
  • I look good in my sassy pants, but I can’t wear them all the time either.

It’s time for denim.

I don’t know about you, but denim features prominently in my wardrobe. It’s the real workhorse in my closet.

When in doubt… denim.

in praise of denim

I love denim jeans.

When I’m not sure what to wear, dark denim paired with a nice blouse or sweater set is a go-to choice. I toss on some cute shoes and accessories and head on out the door.

When I’ve got a ton on my plate, I know I can start the day all blinged out “denim and diamonds” style and end the day by swapping to comfortable flats. (Somewhere along the way, I’ve dropped the earrings in my purse, yanked my hair back into a messy bun, and wiped the makeup off my face. But that’s just me).

When my husband drags me off to the hunting lease, denim is the only thing I trust to protect my skin from all the “ick.”

When I have to pick a halloween costume, I’m designing it around blue jeans and comfortable shoes.

When I’m stressed out, freaked out, and overwhelmed I want to be wearing my favorite pair of jeans… the ones that are so broken in that they’re permanently shaped like me.

Assuming I’m not in yoga pants, I’m my most authentic, most comfortable with myself when I’m in blue jeans. They are MY default wardrobe of choice.

(Unless it’s a hundred degrees outside. Then I gravitate toward long knit skirts paired with some ugly sandals.)

The truth of the matter is that I tend to make choices based on whether or not I can wear my favorite pair of jeans and ratty gym shoes. If the answer is “no” then I hesitate.

when in doubt wear denim

Embrace the denim.

What I’ve come to realize as a writer is that I need more denim. I need to build my blogging and writing life around the linguistic equivalent of hanging out in my blue jeans and ratty gym shoes.

Way back at the beginning of the month, when I wrote about bossy britches, I said

For me, writing content that triggers my “mom, I’m not stupid” voice isn’t worth it. Writing that isn’t flattering or authentic isn’t writing for the love of writing.

I want to extend that. Writing that isn’t comfortable isn’t sustainable.

It’s not to say that I never want to stretch myself as a writer. (Obviously, I do because I keep signing myself up for these month long marathons of writing!) It’s not to say I only want to write about comfortable topics. (I did spend an entire month writing about ANGER in motherhood, remember?)

Embracing the denim for my blog means deliberately choosing a tone and style that match my comfort zone. It means scheduling time in my writing life each week where I can slip into what fits me best. It means finding the workhorse, the thing that goes with everything. It’s embracing the “when in doubt, denim” attitude and adjusting life accordingly.

For me, it’s simple.

When in doubt, tell a story.

Storytelling is MY denim.

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