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OK, I’m ready to move beyond sassy.  Last week, I was struggling with a tough question. Is God ok with sassy?

I’ve come to believe that the answer is a qualified “yes.”  Clearly, there are limits. I’d be happy to explain them over a cup of coffee. Maybe two. But since I can’t do that, I drew some pictures. I know that God is ok with some kinds of sassy…

…But God didn’t call me to just write sass.

beyond sassy

What God wants is beyond sassy.

The question is… what does that look like?

When I took all of my blog posts I’ve ever shared, they would fall somewhere on this chart.

  • The horizontal line (x) represents how funny a post is. Quantifying “funny” is a subjective task, but I did my best.  Funnier is to the left and serious is to the right.
  • The vertical line (y) represents how much wisdom or spirituality a post has.  I started to just call it the “Jesus line” but decided not to. Up represents more wisdom.

what kind of posts are on my blog?

I split reviews, recipes and “how to” posts into two categories. Some are well written and authentic. I put those under the R, R, R heading (I wasn’t feeling very creative).  The other ones are in the “bossy britches” category.

What’s the point?

After I laid out all my content, I tried to identify where I’m most comfortable as a writer.  There’s a sweet spot where I find it easy to be authentic that just makes writing easier. When I stray too far out of that zone, I struggle mightily with my “voice” and end up using the delete key a LOT.    I colored it in yellow.

Then I drew a red/pink circle around the area that I believe matches my purpose. Remember? The one where I’m supposed to encourage others with authenticity and character and excellence?

Where those overlap is a big orange zone I’m calling the sweet spot.  I should probably put a better label on it and get a niche.

the sweet spot

No, it’s not a perfect representation. It’s a very simplified version of a much more complicated one. It’s also incredibly subjective. But it’s a start.

It gives me a picture of what it means to be beyond sassy.  It gives me a picture of what my blog should look and feel like.

If you’re struggling to find a purpose and direction in your blog (as I have been) I can’t tell you how helpful it was to look at my writing this way.

Moving beyond sassy.

I love my sassy pants. I’ve made no secret about it. I still think sassy looks good on me.

I just can’t wear them every day.

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