The Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

After celebrating my sassy side yesterday, I wanted to celebrate the other half of my writing today by sharing some of my favorite posts, the ones that contain the best advice I’ve ever given.

It’s a mixed bag of stories, lists, and encouragement. They have one common thread between them. My life was better when I figured “it” out… and I’m pretty convinced yours will be too.

(For those who are following along with my 31Day series on the Love of Writing… no, I’m not avoiding writing. Honest. I promise I’m not avoiding writing something hard. It’s totally not a stalling technique because I can’t figure out the next part of the series. Honest.)

(okay… maybe it is.)

best advice top 10

Top 10 Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

10. Three (more) gifts every mom needs. It’s a Christmas post, but these gifts are the ones you can give yourself every single day.  The guest post with the original three gifts every mom needs is equally true and worth the click.

what every mom needs


9.  How to be the cool mom on the block.  The subtitle says it all.  Five ideas for becoming the kind of adult kids WANT to be around.  #4 is my favorite of the list.

(The photo? That’s from our epic 2014 summer road trip. My younger son and I asked to take a duck-faced selfie with me. The whole photo is his idea.)

how to be the cool mom


8. Go outside and play with your kids.  No really. Get off the internet. Put the phone down. Back away from the tablet. Just… go play with your kids. The internet will wait.

go outside and play with your kids

7.  This gem. It’s buried in a list of ideas for surviving spring break, but it deserves a post all it’s own.

“Go play with your kids.

Whatever sounds they are making are WAY less annoying when you make them too.  Whatever mess they get into is much more fun if you help make it.  Whatever trouble they are getting into is much safer if you join in the mischief.”

best advice on playing with your kids

 6. How (and why) to keep a yelling journal. This was the start of my 31 day series on Anger and Peace in 2013. We are still reaping the benefits from this journal.

yelling because header 1


5. How to end a temper tantrum. If you’re curious, this three step process still stops temper tantrums dead in their tracks. I used it again yesterday.

three simple steps to end a tantrum

4. The art of the mommy time out. Sometimes our kids aren’t the only ones who need to go to their rooms and think about what they’ve done. “Time Out” is a valid strategy for moms too.

time out mommy


3. Screen Bans by Increment, including my favorite “pink TV” option. It also includes defcon3 where “the only thing you’re watching is the countdown on the microwave.”

pink tv

 2. Four simple words that change everything.  They’re all you need to remember to stop yelling and tame the momma drama.

The cost of anger

1. Three things every mom needs to know.  It’s the advice I wish I’d been told… as a pregnant mom… as a mom with two in diapers… as a frantic mom last week.  I need to hear it every day, and I’m willing to bet you do too.

hope for a pregnant mom


That’s it. Ten posts with the best advice I can possibly give you. Take them with a grain of salt because I probably wrote at least of on them wearing yoga pants.

Do me a favor and pin it to your board on parenting wisdom.

top 10 best advice so far

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing your 10 best advices given. I learned and many great insights here. This article is very helpful and useful especially with the moms. I’m glad I read this article. I will share this to my wife.

  2. hey susan..thanks a ton for sharing such post with us..i have grabbed so mnay things from your post which will benefits all of thanks once again.

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