Top 10 sassy posts (so far)

Sassy is defined as “lively and bold and full of spirit.”  I’ve been told that sassy looks good on me, and I tend to agree.

In honor of sassy, I’m sharing the sassiest posts from my blog (so far).

top 10 sassy posts so far

Top 10 Sassy Posts (so far)

#10 Why it’s better to hang a picture with a red shoe than a can of beans.  My husband might title this one “the day I realized I might have picked the wrong wife.”

how to cure engineering disease with a red shoe


#9 The time my kids made me laugh about chickens. It wasn’t so much what they said, it was more my internal dialog ABOUT the silly chickens. My thoughts were definitely sassy.

my kids make me laugh about chickens


#8 The time my son got sassy with me and I learned that I had super secret pink pony super sparkle powers.  He was so cute with his sass that he even got what he wanted. What mom could say no to a request to use her secret sparkly pony powers? Seriously.

pink sparkles


#7 The time I made fun of my inner helicopter mom and my kids made me laugh about turkeys… or is that Turkey.  (Normally, I’m a proud slacker mom, but when I get a chance to feel like I’ve done some quality “momming” I like to pat myself on the back.)

my kids make me laugh about turkeys


#6 Ninjaaaaaaaaaaas for God…..  (yes, ninjas)

Don’t judge. Not until you read it.  I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why it’s on the sassy list.

ninjas for god


#5 The ten commandments of car line (as written by a very frustrated and stressed out blogger while she was sitting in car line one hot August day.)

the ten commandments of car line is a gentle (but pointed) reminder that we should all follow the rules. love this!



#4 The totally sassy letter I wrote to my son’s third grade teacher when he wanted to take a bag full of (animal) bones to class because they were studying the skeletal system.  It never even occurred to me to say “no.” Does that make me a bad mom?

just bones

#3 A Sassy Christmas Poem. It’s titled “‘Twas Just Before Christmas” and it features yoga pants, coffee, maid service, and the Amazon man.

a christmas poem


#2 Why I don’t bake Baby Jesus Cookies. I drive myself nuts with my own inner sassiness, and sometimes it just has to be written down.   The story of baking cookies for Christmas just might be my favorite example.

why i don't bake baby jesus cookies

#1 Ice cream and s-e-x.  It also features spiders and ants, just to be fair. It goes a long way to explaining why I loathe car line too.  Oh, just go read it and enjoy the part about the ice cream truck.

was that the ice cream truck


Honorable mention goes to THIS post. It’s funny, but I’m just not convinced it falls under the heading of “sassy.”

(Silly but true: after I shared that post, my Google ad-words were filled with ads for v-i-c-o-d-i-n a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n.  #neveraddicted #postopstinks)

Honestly, I had a hard time stopping at 10. There’s a LOT more sassiness on my blog than just ten.  Today, these are my favorites.

top sassiest posts


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