#write31days – To write is to read

Part of being a good writer is reading the words of others. Not just any words… we’re talking about the good stuff.

If you’ve ever read a book that left you word-drunk at the end, you’ve read the good stuff.

If you’ve ever met a character who stayed with you long after you finish the page, you’ve read the good stuff.

If you’ve ever been so immersed in a story that you cried when it was over, you’ve read the good stuff.

To write is to read.

And so today, I give you the words of others because I need it.

words header for quote day

I love J.K. Rowling’s quote.  She says to “be ruthless about protecting writing days.”  She goes on to explain “i.e. do not cave in to endless requests to have ‘essential’ and ‘long overdue’ meetings on those days.”  I can assume that Ms Rowling would include any meetings with the washing machine, mop, or vacuum that might be looming in my future.

be ruthless about protecting writing days

C.J Cherryh reminds me that “it is perfectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.”

On days that I’m writing garbage and am tempted to skip my commitment to write for the day, I need to remember that it’s okay to write garbage.  (The quote is spot on, by the way, some of my best writing started life in the garbage bin.)

it is perfectly okay to write garbage

I’ve long believed that being a good writer requires that I get out from behind the keyboard and go live life to the fullest.  (That would be why we’re headed to the park as soon as I hit publish today.)

F Scott Fitzgerald’s quote expands that idea in ways I couldn’t articulate.  He says “you don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”

f scott fitzgerald quote on writing

My own motto is that “I don’t feel right when I don’t write.”

I think Maya Angelou says it better.  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

write your untold story

Robert Frost’s words affirm my own experience.  When the words make me cry as they come out, those same words touch my readers.  He says it eloquently.

“No tears in the writer,

no tears in the reader.

No surprise for the writer,

no surprise for the reader.”

no tears for the writer

Perhaps Ray Bradbury’s advice sums it up best.  “Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens.”

just write every day of your life

That’s why right now… probably as you read this… I’m headed to the park with a book under my arm.

Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
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