#write31days and a crazy love for word play

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I have a crazy love for word play.

I’m kind of obsessed with puns (even if they don’t involve eggs).

I write twisty bad poetry.

I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to grammar.

You don’t even want to know how many books I have on my Kindle, or my bookcase, or my nightstand. You probably don’t want to know how many hours I’ve spent playing Scrabble or various word games on my iPhone either.

(In each case, my husband would use the word “excessive” to describe it. Sigh.)

word play

Word play makes my heart sing.

During homeschool today, we were discussing how funny the English language can be.

Flies fly.

Pilots pilot planes.

Drivers drive cars.


Steers do not steer boats.

I thought it was a witty and engaging discussion and was rather disappointed that the author hadn’t cited more examples. My kids were confused and appalled that someone had inserted WORDS into the middle of an otherwise innocent math book.

Word play confuses my kids.

This afternoon, I decided to play with their heads.

I spotted a Buzzfeed article with witty Tumblr dialog on Pinterest that I couldn’t wait to share with the boys.


Before I started, I made sure they knew who Will Smith was.  I also made sure they knew that what a blacksmith does is called “smithing.”  I wanted to be fair.

Me: So… Do you think Will Smith will smith?

Son: What?

Me: Do you think the actor named Will Smith would ever have a job as a black smith?

I’d like to point out that I was being extremely gentle. I gave them every chance.

Son: That’s not funny.

Me: Seriously, will Will Smith smith?


I couldn’t stop even if I had tried. One poor kid had his head in his hands. The other son was rocking back and forth in a ball.)

Me: Or, as Yoda would say…

Son:  Don’t… please

Me: He would say… smith, Will Smith will.

Son: Just… please be quiet. My brain needs to cool off.

My work here is done.


my love of writing

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  1. Susan,
    I just the initiate for Word play. I’ve shared your words through my pin board. Glad to read your post.! 🙂

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