In which I commit to 31 days on one topic

I kind of liked “31 days of WHAT???” as a title, but I’ve used it before.

This is my 3rd October as a blogger. I’ve been through two “31 days of” series already. That’s enough to know that:

a) No matter what graphic image I develop for the series, I’ll dread seeing it by the end of the month.
b) No matter what title I pick, I will end up feeling restricted by it.
c) No matter what subject I try to address, it will morph into something different by the end.
d) No matter my desire for transparency and authenticity, at some point things get too messy to share.

It’s also enough to know that “day one” is weird.  It feels like wearing brand new never washed jeans.

new is never comfortable


The first year, the whole challenge took my by surprise. I put about an hour of thought into it, threw a graphic together, and started the month with a list of ideas for posts.

If my 31 day series on Joy in Motherhood had an unofficial title, it would be “my battle with depression that never got blogged about.” In the midst of embracing joy, I was attacked with depression.

The second year, I put weeks of prayer and planning into the series. I fiddled with graphics for way too many hours. I had half the series written before the month even started.

If my 31 day series on Anger in Motherhood had an unofficial title, it would be “I lack all self control and am questioning my sanity as a mom.” In the midst of embracing peace, I spent more time yelling than ever before.

Two different approaches, but at the end I got the same results. Just… ugh.

31 Days, Round 3day 1 header for the love of writing

If this year’s series has an unofficial title, it would be “31 days of me actually writing and posting.”

(I wouldn’t be alone.  If you check the last two years of archives, there are several bloggers who have had similar themes.)

But… “31 days of actually posting” is not exactly pin-worthy. Not exactly a title that would make ANYONE want to click through and follow along… unless of course they are secretly hoping to watch the blogging equivalent of a train-wreck (it could happen).

In part, the next month really IS about me. It’s about my journey to re-gain my writing voice and get back into the groove of blogging. I honestly have no idea how this part of the story will go.

(Here I go, breaking rule one of writing.)

In part, it’s the universal story that all mom’s face (and probably all humans – I just can’t speak for the ones that don’t answer to the title “mom” on a regular basis.) It’s what happens when priorities get messed up and life gets in the way of something important. It’s what happens when we decide to fight back and regain a portion of our identity that gets left behind by accident. It’s what happens when we make room for a dream.

My commitment to writing for the next 31 days is personal. My decision to share that writing (including all the messy and painful parts) on my blog is driven, at least in part, by my belief that the struggle applies to all of us and not just a handful of frustrated and burned out bloggers.

31 days of…?

I started to call this a lot of things.

31 days of rambling.

31 days to figure out my voice.

31 days to get my groove back.

31 days of hiding in my closet trying to write.

31 days to restart my blog.

31 days to embrace my identity.

31 days to embrace my calling.

31 days to figure out my purpose.

31 days to define my goals as a writer.

31 days before I can write something else.

31 days in search of mojo.

31 days about pants.

31 days of driving my husband crazy as I obsess about my stats.

31 days to be self centered

31 days where my kids play even more video games

31 days of pizza delivery

31 days of… writing.

Just that.

31 days of writing. For me.

31 days for the love of writing.

i write for the love of writing

You’re welcome to follow along. You’re more than welcome to cheer me on.

But the honest truth is that this year, the ONLY person I’m writing for is ME. Because every week that I don’t write, a tiny part of me dries up and blows away. Because the words trapped inside hurt. Because I promised myself that this would happen.

Still not pin-worthy.

But I decided it doesn’t matter.

You can follow the whole series from this page:

for the love of writing header

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  1. All I can say it that I love your "writing voice" and you are lighting a fire deep within that is daring me to come out of my writing closet. Thank you for being you…I may just muster the courage to be me!

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