Squirrels and the ice cream truck

Squirrels and the ice cream truck may seem like an odd pairing…

(unless of course you’ve watched enough Phineas and Ferb episodes.  She ends up getting ice cream at some point during the episode


… but trust me. They’re related.

The Ice Cream Truck?

I first started referring to the ice cream truck on my blog almost two years ago.  It’s still one of my favorite posts.  It’s got everything you can ask for in a story.

Cute kids.

Embarrassed mom.


If you haven’t read it, you really should.  I’ll wait…

Fertilization and Ice Cream

… oh good, you’re back.


As a good homeschooling family, we’re supposed to engage in weekly nature studies.  Ideally, there would be walks in the English countryside and picnics on handmade quilts involved in this activity.

But it’s August in Houston. They weather dude on the news is telling people not to go outside unless they have to. It feels like a sauna out there even before the sun comes up.

So I got a little creative with the idea of nature studies.  We have a squirrel feeder and a bird feeder in the front yard.  We started with watching the squirrels and the birds and whatever else shows up at the feeders.

I make journal entries and include any observations that the kids make. If they ask questions, we look up the answers. It may not be perfect, but it works as a starting point.

Up until now, it’s been kind of sweet and mildly entertaining in an “Animal Planet Soap Opera” kind of way.


Even my nature hater has gotten into making squirrel reports.

nature study

(I wonder what the neighbors think. I’m sure they’ve seen us looking out the front windows with binoculars by now.  We weren’t up to anything creepy. Honest.)

This weekend, things got a little freaky.

Saturday morning, we noticed there were a LOT more squirrels than normal. Normally, we might see one at the feeder and one or two more hanging out on the ground nearby.   We counted over a dozen of them, all fighting.

You KNOW it’s a big fight when the squirrels start falling out of the trees.

At least one of them was clearly injured. He had a big bloody spot on his cheek.  We were worried about another one because it seemed to just lay there.  It rubbed all over the grass. It sprawled flat on the driveway under my car.

My husband and I kept an eye on the squirrels off and on all day. We couldn’t figure out what had triggered the giant squirrel squabble in our yard.

Then it happened.

I walked outside to run an errand and spotted *IT* going on… right in my front yard mere feet from where my precious babies were sitting.


Turns out the little squirrel sprawled on the rock in my front yard wasn’t injured. She was probably just tired.

One girl.

Twelve boys.

Squirrels aren’t monogamous.

Not. One. Bit.

I had to hope the boys didn’t notice.  If they did, I was fully prepared to bring up the ice cream truck again.

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