And… this should catch you up to date

To finish catching you up to date, I’ll be honest and say I was more than ready for summer vacation to be over with.  My kids NEEDED the structure.

They were getting into all kinds of mischief.

Besides… my house was a wreck.

clean bathroom

(Before you scold me, here’s the logic.  They got in a fight in a dirty bathroom. I’ve observed that they are much more likely to hit each other in messy rooms instead of neat rooms. I explained to them that they were cleaning the room to remove the temptation to fight and bash each other with their toothbrushes.

It must have worked. They’ve behaved in the bathroom ever since.  On the other hand, I finally had to clean the kitchen floor myself. Sigh.)


That didn’t stop me from assigning more chores.  My kids are capable of ALL of their laundry. I have to keep on top of them, but I decided I’d rather put my energy into training THEM to do the laundry than sort and fold their stuff.

On a similar line of thinking, we’ve been working with them to do the dishes.  It’s a slow process.

I hate it when I hear the word “oops” from the kitchen.

single serve applesauce

We’ve all been spending more time in the kitchen this summer.

My boys are both on a growth spurt. The one pound containers of applesauce and yogurt are fair game as a single serve container. So is the “family size” serving of macaroni and cheese or soup.

I’ve been trying to keep up with them AND keep the grocery bill under control. I’ve resorted to making yogurt by the gallon, baking whole grain bread, and keeping an almost continual pot of bean soup on the stove.

It has me feeling a little “crunchy.”

i got crunchy

Given that my summer wardrobe (when I’m not in gym clothes) is dominated by long knit skirts, t shirts and supportive sandals, I’m even LOOKING a bit on the crunchy side.

(Don’t ask if I’ve shaved my legs. Mkay?  Don’t ask about the experiment with essential oil deodorant. Please?)

Just… keep me off Pinterest and don’t let me pull the sewing machine out again until Christmas.

(Just to be clear… right before I started that stupid sewing project I’d baked a loaf of Pumpkin Bread. So the whole pumpkin spice makes me crafty thing still holds true.)

But mostly, I was ready for school to start because of this.



I’ve given it a pet name that rhymes with hokey-snap.  My kids have heard it so often they now use the term whenever they want to talk to me about it.  I can’t even fuss at them.

You know what replaced hokey-snap when we started our homeschool days?

coffee before chess

Chess. Before my first cup of coffee.

I stink at chess under the best of circumstances. The roles of the King and Queen are totally backwards in my mind. But before coffee… it was tough.

(As an aside… I used to play a vicious game of Scrabble against my mom on a regular basis. The second game was generally played under the influence of wine.  I always won those second games.  Maybe chess before coffee is cosmic revenge for Scrabble after wine.)

That’s it for now.

what i did on facebook in july

(If you’re keeping track – that’s four posts in four days. Woo hoo! I’m working my way back to the rest of blogging.  Stuff like moderating my comments, caring about SEO, and the like will just have to wait until I’m ready. Baby steps folks.)

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  1. Baby steps is the only way to proceed. On top of everything else it will take some time to get used to your new daily schedule. All things in good time!
    Mo recently posted..Making MemoriesMy Profile

    • Oh look… I’m taking the baby step of replying to comments. 🙂

      My new daily schedule is a huge change. I used to write from 8-11. I’d finish my coffee and start writing. That’s now prime school time. Writing has to wait until we’re done with that.

      I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Sometimes kids teach us a lot of things! They also learn technologies better than us.

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