Summer in Idaho – Part of my vacation

Remember I said we took the entire month of June for a family vacation?  Part of our time was spent with family in Idaho.  We were in a small (300 square foot) cabin on the edge of McCall and it was amazing.  We loved the time we spent with family and all of the outdoor stuff we could do that you can’t exactly DO in suburban Houston.

I may not have been blogging that month, but I still managed to post a few photos to my personal Facebook account.  In an effort to catch up with everyone…

summer 2014


my morning coffee companion

Most mornings, I woke up as soon as it was light – around 5am. Ugh! I used the time to drink my first cup of coffee in peace on the back porch of our cabin.  Almost every morning, I watched the deer munch their way across the meadow.

(Want the rest of the story? This particular photo was snapped looking out the main door of the cabin… as I was seated on the toilet.  The lack of privacy in that place was astonishing.)

my sushi lover

(Same meadow, but much later in the day.)  We were within walking distance of a river that was teaming with trout.  The males of my family became obsessed with limiting out on trout each day.  The best part of that was that hubby and I have a long-standing agreement.  I don’t clean fish.  I don’t cook the fish he brings home.

I loved not having to cook for dinner.

When I asked Watty to pose with his fish, this is what he gave me. He loves sushi, but said he did NOT want to try trout sushi head first.

I did NOT go fishing. I was…. busy.

not the best part of vacation

Yeah.  Do I really have to explain this? The males were all standing hip deep in freezing water catching trout. They have a beautiful view of the mountains.

THIS was my view.

(You can’t see it, but my FB post got a substantial number of “likes” from my friends.)

Actually, I’m kind of glad I was “busy” and missed out on the fishing stuff. I’m not a fan of worms or cold water or… IT.

snakes are gross

When I went to check up on my fishermen, I spotted IT.  My kids immediately wanted to pose with IT.

snakes are really gross

They loved what forced perspective did for them.  They’re actually about six feet away from a small (less than two foot) snake. But because I was standing on a bridge (squealing “snake” and stamping my feet) it looks like they are RIGHT NEXT TO IT.


Thankfully, not all the wildlife was gross and disgusting.

what the fox said

This was my OTHER coffee companion.  His name is Stinky. He is “married” to Slinky.  Stinky loved to beg for food from our cabin and startled the living daylights out of me when he greeted me for my morning coffee.

He didn’t have much to say.

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  1. Great pictures! I like to trout fish but I’m with you on the snakes.
    Jean recently posted..What I Read Last WeekMy Profile

  2. Just beautiful! We are in Montana now and saw scores of mountain goats on a hike yesterday. Toto, we are not in the city anymore!
    Mo recently posted..Making MemoriesMy Profile

  3. the way you took the snap of the fox, it seems like he is sitting like an old matured man!

  4. I will be very lucky if I can get a chance to get a trip to a place like this. Idaho is really impressing me. Love it.

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