Life on the Road – part 2

It’s day 20 of life on the road. We’re still not done with our road trip.

(In honor of the iffy wifi, I’m skipping a graphic today. Sorry.)

But here’s what I know so far:

10 things about life on the road

  1.   WIFI is underrated.  Quality WIFI – the kind where you can actually see all the photos in your Facebook stream without cussing – is hard to come by in hotels.  Since I hit 50% of my phone’s data plan in the first week of our trip, I haven’t even had the luxury of 4G most of the time.  Sigh.

  2. Insomnia is ten times harder in a hotel room.  You know how when you have a really bad case of insomnia you just give up and go watch TV on the couch (or get some soothing chamomile tea)?  Yeah. That doesn’t work so well in a hotel room.  It’s more a case of laying still listening to the rest of the family snore.

  3. Sharing a bathroom with three males isn’t fun.  Any lady who doesn’t have her own private bathroom space has my sympathy.

  4.  Trying to type on the toilet is impossible.  Yes. I tried. Insomnia at 2am? Why not try to take advantage of some uninterrupted bathroom time and get some writing done in peace.  About five minutes in, my feet fell asleep and my toes had a big ole cramp.  It went downhill after that.

  5. High altitudes make me pee.  It’s a real thing. Honest.  I’ve lived my entire life in the coastal flats.  So when I get up in the mountains, I struggle with altitude sickness.  Most of the time, it’s just shortness of breath and a bit of fatigue.  This year, it was extreme peeing.  Yep. We rented a jeep to climb up high in the mountains.  I spent the entire day peeing.  Every. Twenty. Minutes.

  6.  No matter how careful you are when you pee in the woods, statistics aren’t on your side.  This is the obvious follow on to #5.  No one remembers the 15 times I squatted with success. They just remember the one time that was… damp.

  7. Five t-shirts is NOT enough.  I packed for a month long road trip planning to do laundry at least once a week.  After 20 days, I am sick and tired of the same five t-shirts.  I’m tired of looking at my kids wearing the same things and I’m ready to burn their favorite shirts.  Yesterday, I stole one of my husband’s shirts just to have something different to wear. It didn’t help.

8. There’s a creep in every laundromat.  My husband thinks I’m paranoid, but I swear that last guy was staring as I folded my delicates.

  1.  My hair is totally different without humidity.  I live in Houston.  A dry day for us is when it dips below 50% humidity.  Seriously, if you stand still in the summer you end up with moss growing on you.  I’ve always thought I had naturally wavy hair.  Turns out it’s just well trained frizziness.

  2.  Bean and cheese tacos are NOT good fuel for a road trip.  Fueling my family up with bean and cheese tacos right before climbing into a car for several hours was NOT the best decision.  It was fragrant – in a rather traumatic way.   If you saw a woman hanging her head out of the car window on the interstate partway through Utah, it was probably me.


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