Life on the Road – part 1

It’s only day three of our road trip, and life on the road is already proving interesting.

road trip - life on the road

Getting out of Texas always takes too long.  Leaving Houston and driving west means we have 12 to 16 hours in the car before even cross the state line.

That’s a LOT of time in the car.

Mom…. are we still in Texas?

My kids love to ask me if we’re still in Texas. They ask it every thirty minutes until we actually cross the state line.  They do this even though we have an official “crossing the state line” celebration when we finally arrive in another state.

By extension, we celebrate EVERY state line we cross.  We also celebrate crossing time zones, the continental divide, and the Mississippi River.

It goes like this:

Me: Hey kids… look up! Here it comes.

Them:  Huh? What?

Me:  Look! We’re about to cross the state line. We won’t be in Texas any longer.

Them: Oh.

Hubby:  There is is! Now we’re in New Mexico.

Twenty minutes later:

Them: What state are we in? Are we still in Texas?

Texas trivia:

Not all of Texas is in the Central Time Zone.  El Paso is actually on Mountain Time.

You would know this if you ever watch national election results.  They mention it every ten minutes while they wait for the El Paso polls to close.

Since we’re home schooling, I took full advantage of the whole time change thing. It’s part of the 5th grade math checklist.  My kids can now do really fun word problems about time zones in their heads.

Don’t tell my kids. They didn’t realize they were doing school. 

Life on The Road

Now that we’re out of Texas (finally), we can slow our pace. We spent most of the last two days in the car (or at various convenience store bathrooms).

That means there is time for stopping at the rattle snake farm (eek).

That means that we can pull off and take photos of the amazing mountain views.

That means we can stop and buy corn or tomatoes from the roadside stand and eat them right then and there.

Life on the road can be fun.


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