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Get Ready for Summer Vacation

Tomorrow is our last day of school and I’m in full-blown pre-vacation panic. Today is get ready for summer vacation day.  It’s 9am. I’ve been up since 5.  I am NOT a morning person.

My list is about a mile long and it’s filled with the standard stuff.  Clean out the fridge, change the sheets on all the beds, pack, stop the mail, buy cat food, refill a prescription.  It’s the same list you’d make.

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MOMtor Monday – Families

Today is my MOMtor Monday at Mothering From Scratch.  Yeah!

Kathy and Melinda asked me to write this piece several months ago, and I immediately started stressing about it. I wrote and re-wrote the post endlessly in my head.  Writing about family issues isn’t easy, and I did NOT want to upset anyone in the process.  (Been there, done that.)

I finally submitted the post a few weeks back, and I’ve been on pins and needles ever since.  In full disclosure, I woke up at 4am this morning thinking about it.  I woke up from a nightmare and just couldn’t go back to sleep.  In my dream, every woman I’m related to was calling me and demanding to know if she was Edwina or Auntie Awesome Blossom.

Go check it out:  how to keep the peace with difficult relatives

Then leave me a comment telling me I’m amazing… because I am really really really insecure today.

the universe does not revolve around me





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The (really big) rules

This morning my second grader asked me for “the rules.”

Every morning when his alarm goes off, he comes flying into our room and crawls under the covers to snooze and snuggle.  When he’s good and wiggly, we go through the same routine every single day. [Read more…]

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How fourth grade changed my world (twice)

Growing up, I hated fourth grade.  Most of what I remember about the whole year was having to write lines.  It wasn’t just me. She’d assign the entire class lines when she lost her temper at us.  (If you’re picturing Dolores Umbridge… this lady was younger and skinnier, but she probably DID have the creepy collection of kitten plates.)  

The other thing I remember is the geography lesson.

My mom and I still talk about it. It was one of those assignments where I had a list of vocabulary words and I was supposed to write the definition for each word. My mom wouldn’t let me use the glossary in the back of the text book and made me read the chapter and then write my own definition of the word.  I got a ZERO on the assignment because the teacher just wanted us to copy what was in the glossary.

Fourth grade changed me.

That’s the year I realized my mom was weird and that school was stupid. It’s when I started figuring out how to “play school” – doing just enough to keep my grades up without actually engaging my brain.  (Playing school was NOT good preparation for college. Just… trust me.)

Fast forward a life time… 

My son’s fourth grade year is almost over.  He hasn’t been assigned lines, but we’ve had a geography lesson of our own.  (um… no, none of his teachers are remotely like Dolores. there isn’t a cat lover in the group. honest.)

For us, fourth grade has changed our family forever.

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10 things NOT to include in your summer planning

Happy May! Today is my official summer planning day and wow… I feel like I’m running behind.  I’m trying to plan out blogging, vacation, summer camps, budgets, business, and menus all in one go.

Fortunately, I’m not starting from scratch. I’ve done summer before. Some of them were better than others. I tend to keep a log of lessons learned. For each major holiday or season, I jot down what works and what doesn’t.   Today’s post is inspired by lessons of summers past. [Read more…]

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