Five Steps to Reboot Monday

Here it is, the Monday after Easter and it’s anything but a normal day, but instead I need a reboot.

I had expected today to be a Monday – filled with menu plans and calendar catchup and laundry. I had expected to waive goodbye to my kids and husband and then dig in to a productive day.  Nope.

It’s the other kind of Monday.

The kind with two sick kids and husband who decided to work from home… just in case those man flu symptoms turn into something more serious. *sigh*  And here’s me… still needing to do laundry and plan menus and clean the house.

It’s not even 9am and I already feel a need to pull up my big girl panties and reboot the entire week.

(Yes, I said WEEK.  We got all dressed up for Easter Sunday.  We got in the car.  And THEN we realized that one child was too sick to attend services.  We attended church via Livestream.  The fancy Easter meal I had planned turned into chicken tacos.)

I know I’m not alone. I know a big part of motherhood consists of having our plans interrupted and adjusting our priorities (and attitudes) around whatever crisis has just happened.  Sometimes, we all need a little reboot.

5 ways to reboot a bad day

5 Ways to Reboot a Bad Day (or week)

1. Grab your headphones and groove. My family may be indulging in a cartoon marathon, but that doesn’t mean I have to.  It’s the perfect time for the BIG headphones… the ones that go OVER my ears and not in them.  Mine are bright pink, just for emphasis. I can listen to my favorite reboot songs (the one that make me smile and move). As a bonus, my family tends to leave me alone. The headphones help them remember that they can be self sufficient and get their own glass of water.

2. Make your REAL list. When my plans go awry and I get out of sorts, a big part of it is my inability to complete my plans. I feel frustrated that I can’t get through my mental to-do list. That’s crazy because I don’t normally achieve everything on my list anyway. It helps to make out a “real” to do list that contains what I can actually get done during the day.  Hopefully, it also contains the most important things.  Taking time to prioritize and triage my to-do list lets me regain control of my day.

3. Cut your list in half.  Hello… it’s not a normal day. Stuff is going to go wrong. Interruptions happen. Kids need cuddles. Cutting my list in half leaves time for all the unscheduled things that inevitably happen.  As a bonus, this helps me reprioritize to find the few things that really really need to happen. If I manage to get everything on my list done, I can always go back and re-add something from the other half of my list.

4. Press pause. The noise of a cartoon marathon can be a bit overwhelming. So can the messy house. Three day weekends can do a real number on the kitchen! Taking time to walk away from the noise and chaos helps. Even if it’s just for five minutes. Sitting on my front porch long enough to finish my coffee in peace can really help. When I walk back into my home, I see it more clearly. I remember to turn the television volume down a notch. I can see that the rebooting the kitchen is only a 10 minute task instead of the all day marathon that I had originally thought.

5. Pray. My “reboot playlist” contains quite a few songs that help me remember this important step. Prayer is woven throughout these steps. When I sit down to make a list, I invite God to partner with me and help me figure out what I need to do most.  When I cut my list in half, I can almost hear God whispering in my ear… showing me what I can safely defer. When I press pause and gain perspective, I take time to express my thankfulness to God.

5 steps to reboot

Reboots happen.

Even if my kids are in school and my husband is at work.

Even in a “normal” week where eveyrthing is going as planned.

Sometimes, I need a reboot just brecause I’ve forgotten to pray.

No matter what, the steps work for me.

Care to share? What’s your no-fail way to reboot when the day derails?

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  1. I feel your pain. And on a Monday, no less. Bummer. That’s my favorite day. I like to be alone, put my house back together, etc.

    I had a bunch of those “reboot days” this past week. It was one thing after another! I usually cook about 5 meals a week but I only cooked TWO! All of my stuff happened about the time I was going in the make dinner.
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner (No. 116)My Profile

  2. Reboot. I like the idea. That’t what I’m going to do come Monday.
    Judy Charlotte recently posted..rubyweightloss.comMy Profile

  3. Ria J Kennedy says:

    Interesting article.. Must give a try…

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