Happy Egg-streme Procrastination Day

Today is tax day (aka Procrastination Day).

I find myself once again putting my entire life on hold while I make a mad scramble to finish our taxes before car line today.  I wrote about it last year.

happy tax day


I know better than to do this and I did it anyway.  Again.  I had every intention of getting started sooner, but it just felt so… overwhelming and icky.  Seriously icky.

Instead, I did a LOT of procrastinating.  I’m good at it.

21 things to do instead of taxes:

  1. Sort socks.
  2. Clean out medicine cabinet.
  3. Vacuum under couch cushions.
  4. Roll lose change to take to bank.
  5. Repaint laundry room.
  6. Purchase office supplies.
  7. Learn to knit.
  8. Weed garden.
  9. Bathe cat.
  10. Research document retention laws.
  11. Manually shred 20 year old tax documents.
  12. Organize childhood photos.
  13. Update Facebook profile.
  14. Reorganize Pinterest boards.
  15. Make appointment with psychologist.
  16. Pray.
  17. Clean out purse.
  18. Find source of mystery smell in car.
  19. Netflix marathon.
  20. Clean out spam folder in email.
  21. Write blog post.

See? There’s plenty of things to do to keep procrastinating.

Happy Procrastination Day!

Now if you’ll excuse me, the cat needs a bath.

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Susan Baker

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  1. Jolene Rose says:

    I loved this! 🙂 I hope that your tax day goes smoothly, and isn't too icky.

  2. Makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Oh I feel you. I hate doing taxes too. If I could avoid it, I would.
    Kathryn Dilligard recently posted..The Site OwlMy Profile

  4. Seriously, Making out for taxes is an insane work. Nice Post !
    Naveen Verma recently posted..Printable christmas Cards | Free Printable cards 2014My Profile

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